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Wednesday, April 07, 2021

Ghost Taste


(PCS = 7)

Well, I did run 9.2 miles (~15km) when I finished work yesterday.  I was very sweaty afterwards as we had temperatures amazingly around 75 degrees (~24 C).  It actually felt good to get heavily sweaty.  This morning (6am), I ran another 9.2 miles.  So, I am staying on track and have ~27.6 miles (~44.5km) finished so far this week.  

I am hoping for a more calm, consistent day today.   I am going to try to squeeze in some time to capture some of the just beginning signs of Spring with my old camera.  We are just seeing some signs of little, green buds starting to show on trees and shrubs.  I can hopefully capture some interesting macro images of these if I get to go.  

I found a used book (with CD) that is meant to help me better understand improvisation styles and techniques that I hope will help me with my various instruments.  It is purported to help also in the understanding of the "ways to think about and envision" modal jazz concepts.  I hope so.  I really like to listen to modal jazz, but thinking of trying to play something in that style and with those concepts seems beyond my abilities.  

The small "ghost taste" I experienced yesterday as I was fiddling with my bulldog pipe lingered with me all afternoon.  It was such a friendly, enjoyable flavor that lingered.  It really reminded me of how flavorful and pleasant I found my pipes.  I have been thinking about that a lot since then.  I miss them. The tongue image is a drawing that looks much like my friendly dog's muzzle.  




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