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Thursday, December 01, 2022

Going to Pack Tonight


Early flight tomorrow.  I will be packing later tonight.  I will be packing light, however.  The stupid damn airline I am on now charges a helluva FINE to check in a bag of luggage.  I refuse to call it a "fee".  I will have only one bag over my shoulder as I board the metal beast. 

I am going to need:

  • one set of clothes
  • one novel to read
  • toothbrush/toothpaste/dental floss
  • bite guard
  • laptop computer from the U
  • running shoes
  • running clothes (serves double duty as makeshift pajamas)
  • one pipe (a beautiful, no-name "basket" pipe I have had for ~35 years)
  • lighter (Zippo Pipe Lighter, my Dad's, estimated he got this one ~1960 or so from the etched fly fisherman image on the case)

Everything else will be on my body.  I will wear long underwear under my clothes on the plane, so I have something warm enough to walk around in the December air of Chicago. I will wear a winter coat, have a stocking hat in my coat pocket, a snap brim hat on my head, gloves in my pocket, phone in my pocket, etc.  Of course, my wallet, etc goes and other usual items I always have. 

I am not bringing any pipe tobacco.  I figure if I DO get to stop and partake at Iwen Ries (still juggling timing and also debating internally the risks) I would want to buy pipe tobacco from them and that is what I would indulge in at the lounge. 

The TSA folks will undoubtedly pull apart my bag when they see the pipe and lighter in there.  They would unzip my tobacco pouch too when I would have one.  However, security was not always like this. It really has only been the last 10-15 years that the security folks would want to "further examine" the things (especially my smoking items) I would bring on the plane.  

  • Ran 11 miles (~18 km).  Probably at the hotel tomorrow morning, I will run on a treadmill.  It will be nice if there is a view of the city skyline.  I do not think I want to get my limited warm clothes all sweat soaked by using them to run outside, even though running in the city IS a lot of fun usually.  
  • PCS = 7.  It is just a VERY long cycle of high PCS numbers lately.  Staying at these higher numbers is rather taxing after a while.  



Blogger Margaret said...

I often do the same as you; I wear my thickest and biggest clothes onto the plane. When I flew to Scotland, I looked like I was ready to summit Mt.Rainier! :)

Thursday, 01 December, 2022  
Blogger Anvilcloud said...

Have a good trip

Friday, 02 December, 2022  
Blogger GaP said...

Speaking as a flight attendant, I cannot stress enough the importance of packing light and showing up at the airport with LOTS of time to spare in case something goes pear a flight cancellation. Good luck...and enjoy your trip.

Monday, 05 December, 2022  

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