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Wednesday, March 05, 2014

So Far...

Thus far things are going as expected.  I had a mild desire to smoke my pipe when I got up to walk my 5 miles.  I knew that would be minimally challenging to ignore.  Through the working day, the desire to smoke my pipe was even more manageable with only very limited cravings.  I figured this also would be the case as my smoking pattern at work is wildly variable under normal circumstances.  Some days I do not smoke my pipe at work, other times I smoke quite a bit... but the variability inherent during the day made it relatively easy to not indulge. My first of two very challenging times has also occurred.  I would say that from my prior attempt, not  smoking my pipe immediately upon arriving home is either the MOST difficult time I have, or at least the second most difficult time I have.  

It was hard when I came home.  It was quite hard.  But, I made it through and feel focused again.  The pipe time right before bed will be the other big challenge. I love the deep feeling of mental relaxation a heavy bowl of robust pipe tobacco has on me before I go to sleep.

Please continue to wish me luck.  In addition to my five mile outdoor walk this morning (  a warm 14 degrees ),  I jogged a half a mile on the track at the gym in addition to the weight training.

I already noticed a more open and less phlegmatic feeling in my chest.  That too seems on par.  I need to focus on these and other positives when I am challenged.



Blogger BBC said...

Keep after it.

Maybe I should go for a walk instead of waking up the computer and making a pot of coffee.

One good way to get away from the need for a few puffs, for me, is to lay down for a nap, hopefully a two hour one.

I dream of sex and tits but at least I'm not wanting a puff. :-)

Thursday, 06 March, 2014  

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