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Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Fall & Pipes

Fall is perhaps the nicest season to smoke a pipe (not that there is a bad season) it is cool and crisp outside in the early morning when I walk with my dog.  The solitude at 5am is peaceful and pleasant.  I usually say the Rosary during my walk, and on a day like today, it feels just right... all things meld together to make a nice start to the day. 


Monday, October 06, 2014

Between Classes

I am sitting outside Educational Complex #3 (the building where I have two back-to-back classes today).  I have 15 minutes between the end of the first class and the start if the second.  I am now typing on the small laptop that I use in the room that wirelessly projects images to a large screen.  It is easier to take the laptop outside with me while I have a pipe rather than lock it back up in the podium cabinet like I will after class.  I am surprised how far it's WiFi connection reaches.  I am at a bench about 50 feet away from the building.  It is a beautiful, cool Fall day.  My vanilla tinctured burley is a perfect complement to the morning along with my coffee.


Monday, September 29, 2014

Accelerating Time?

I do not seem to understand how time seems to be moving so much more rapidly,  I do not mean this in the lifetime feeling of aging that we all feel as we grow older.  Instead, I mean how it seems like 24 hours in a given day seems so much shorter than it did before.  I really do not think I am trying to do more in a given 24 hour period (work, life activities) than I did, say 10 years ago, but it sure seems that it is harder to get things accomplished in that same period.  And, I do not really understand why.

It is odd.


Thursday, September 25, 2014

Busy, But Tomorrow is Friday!!!!

Hectic and busy as usual, but tomorrow is Friday!!!! I believe I may catch up on things tomorrow and be able to have a more normal work flow.  If possible, I may spend the afternoon marinating myself a bit too!  

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Hopped Up on Java

Interesting feelings this afternoon.  I usually drink coffee every morning.  Today, I may have either had a bit stronger coffee than usual or a bit more of it (two 24 ounce Starbuck dark roasts) than usual, but I am feeling a bit fuzzy & energized in a rather pleasant but unfocused fashion.

Usually I do not feel this way from coffee.  But it is rather fun.  I will have to keep it in mind in the future, but I am not sure I could purposefully replicate it with reliability.  I think I better stick to working on unimportant paperwork in my office this afternoon, instead of working on the precision requiring work I had been thinking of doing in my lab.  :)


Monday, September 15, 2014

Low Motivation

I have very low motivation at the moment.  I should get busy and do a bunch of work.  But, I am feeling pretty exhausted after teaching in my very loud, professorial voice for the last three hours.   I was teaching in the huge auditorium on campus today, and the damn microphone did not work, so I literally was shouting the whole time.   Oh well.  There are a helluva lot worse things that could happen. 

I feel a need to be outside right now.  Even if it is raining at the moment.  I think I may go out and walk around for an hour or so to clear my head.  I already walked my 5 miles this morning (around 5:15am).  I took the dog with me, and as usual she really enjoyed it.  I like walking in the dark, in the early morning.  The only light visible is from the moon, or an occasional streetlight.  

A friend sent the image shown above to me.  It made me roar with laughter out loud.


Friday, September 12, 2014

Marinating Again

It is Friday after all.