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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Laptop & Vet

I have my wife's laptop computer with me at the moment.  I am waiting with my dog at the veterinarian's office so my fruit-loopy mutt can get her vaccinations. Sometimes, I think she has some sort of brain defect.  First, she gets too damn excited for her own good at the prospect of going for a ride in my truck.  But, beyond that excitement, she nearly wiggles out of he skin with glee at getting to the vet's office.... Even though all that has ever happened there has been uncomfortable (shots, etc.).  

Because our vet is slower than molasses, I knew I needed to bring something to occupy my time, hence my wife's laptop.  
At least he has wifi.


Sunday, December 18, 2016

Wanting to Be

I am sincerely wanting to be pipe free.  I am thinking that I will make a go of it sometime between now and January 3rd.  I am feeling hopeful in that I think this time it will stick.  I have the formulations of a plan that I believe will help me make it work.  


Wednesday, December 07, 2016


Today I completed my 3,000th day of exercising without missing a single day.  I have walked between 4-5 miles every day!  Today's workout was a five mile jog outside.  It was 32 degrees (0 Celcius) and I took my dog with me.  We had fun.  

To me, the exercise has of course great value for my health... I lost 115 pounds ( I used to weigh at one time ~290 pounds and now usually weigh ~ 175 pounds) , my BMI is normal, my resting pulse rate is now usually around 55.  My blood pressure is normal.  But, for me, the consistency of doing this EVERY day for 3,000 days without missing a day even when it was a holiday, or the weather was bad, or I was sick.... that is what I am most satisfied about in my efforts.  I relish bein a consistent person who does what he says, and at least in this way I feel good.


Saturday, December 03, 2016

Musical instruments

Music is of course an important part of most folks lives.  I like all sorts of music, some more than others.  I really like classical music and jazz a great deal.  I also like soft and harder rock music, but tend to mostly enjoy that form of music from the 1960s and early 1970s.  Although, I do also enjoy rock music referred to as "grunge" from the early 1990s.  Country music can be good, but for me there is only a limited range that I enjoy.  I like country music that is NOT "twangy" or "catterwally".  With this idea in mind, if I listen to country, it tends to be more in the vein of Willie Nelson or others with similar vocal styles.   There is only a small subset of country music that is of this nature.   I have pretty limited experience with rap, although there were occasional artists I enjoyed ( one that comes to mind is Ice-T ).  I also tend to enjoy many types of World Miusic.  But, when I can find it, my very favorite music is Wind Symphonic music.  Wind Symphonic music is interesting in that it can span across numerous genres of style of music, but it is always featuring wind based musical instruments ( clarinet, trumpet, trombone, etc.).   I think in part that is why one of my favorite rock group has always been Chicago.  They usually feature very strong and vibrant wind instrumentation.  

I have not played any of my wind instruments in a several months, and I am realizing how I miss them.  The clarinet, bass clarinet, alto clarinet, and tenor saxophone are the wind instruments I have a modicum of skill in.  I am going to dig out my clarinet and bass clarinet and pick them up again this weekend.  And, I have two "project" horns ( an alto clarinet and a tenor saxophone) that I bought about two years ago that need a complete tear down and rebuild.   I used to buy a lot of trashed, but decent quality instruments and rebuild them as a hobby during graduate school.   I think now is the time for me to tear those two horns down and make myself a nice alto clarinet and a tenor saxophone.  It would be a fun hobby to restart during this winter.  And, i would end up with two nice horns I currently do not have.


Monday, November 28, 2016


It was a very nice Thanksgiving weekend for me and my family!  A lot of relaxation occurred, no major extended family feuds, no shopping for me on Black Friday either!  I did grow another year older during the weekend and now am older than very old dirt.... but even that was ok.   I put up the outside lights and decorations outside the house during the weekend and set up our two Christmas trees with lights inside (the ornaments will be put on later).

Even though I ate a lot of good food, I was up only 1.5 pounds when I weighed in on Sunday morning (174 lb) so that is good.  Today I ran five miles for the first time.  I. Am thinking I may run five miles a day for six days of the week and take Sunday off (still walk, though) during the winter because it may be damn near impossible to find an indoor place on Sunday during the winter that is open early enough to not be at noon or later.   Not sure yet, but I am trying to put in the extra miles to make sure I hit 28 -30 for each week during the Winter.  

As I sit here on the back porch while the dog eats and does her "business" I am enjoying my morning pipe and watching a gentle rain fall.  It is amazingly warm (37 degrees) right now for this time of year.  I would love for it to stay above freezing all winter, but that is the real pipe dream.


Tuesday, November 22, 2016

15 Degrees Farenheit

It was cold during my 5am run this morning, but with no snow I could still go outside to run!  It was 15 degrees Farenheit (-10 degrees Celcius).  I feel glad I did it!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Late Start

Today, when the alarm went off, I was still very tired.   I had nightmares during my sleep.  Fortunately, they were not remaining in my mind and I could not recall what they were about.  I have nightmares occasionally as I suspect we all do occasionally.

The end result however is that I did not get up and do my run (jog) until 6am this morning.  I still did the full four miles, but my day is now a little off because if the hour delay in when I started.   Not a huge deal, but I will have to try to be extremely efficient in all my tasks to try to get caught up.... Thursday's are especially hectic and filled with all sorts of tasks.  I have a grant application due today as well, and a bunch of scheduling issues to deal with for my faculty who keep changing their schedules.  

But I must say, as I sit here in the back porch, having my morning pipe while I let the dog eat and so her "business", the day does appear to be quite beautiful this morning.  It was 38 degrees during my run, and there was a bit of fog.  There is still fog now, and it is just enough to scatter the rays of the rising sun so that the horizon is brightly orange with some pink and blue casts near the ground.  Very artistic looking.  If I were a painter like Van Gogh, I would be inspired to get out my paints and canvas.