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Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Robin Williams apparent suicide has brought back a flood of emotions for me.  I had a teen aged niece who committed suicide 20 years ago.  It is such a horrible, terrible thing.  So pointless.

Families never recover from such a thing.  I feel so sorry for Williams' family.  Depression and mental illness need to be better treated.  He was a wonderful actor and comic.  My niece was a very good, kind young lady.  They both should not have done what they did.  It is an utter shame.  Suicide hurts those you love, and it is so harsh for the families.  I doubt my niece nor Williams would have intentionally hurt those they loved... But that is what they did do.  That becomes their legacy.  It will be a major if not THE major thing that they are remembered by.



Blogger forsythia said...

Oh, yes. I have a relative who talks about suicide from time to time, and I always tell this person about the gaping hole that would be left in the hearts of the survivors. Weeks, months later, this same person will be laughing at something someone has just said at a family get-together--yes, laughing and having fun, despite the dark clouds that blotted out everything a few months before. Suicide is so "forever."

Tuesday, 12 August, 2014  
Blogger BBC said...

Well, if you are only going to think about yourselves, but what about them that decide to check out for whatever reasons. Robin was tired of living with his brain, I say that we should honor that.

Wednesday, 13 August, 2014  
Blogger amelia said...

I'm with Billy here...

Thursday, 14 August, 2014  
Blogger billy pilgrim said...

yes, i'm with bill. williams will be remembered for his compassion and comedy. we should show some compassion for his years of pain and suffering rather than thinking of our own petty struggles.

with his immense talent, i'm sure all the major dieties will welcome him into their own version of the happy hunting ground. for selfish reasons, i hope he opts for valhalla.

Tuesday, 19 August, 2014  

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