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Thursday, June 04, 2015


I am going to quit my pipe.  I am going to  create a plan that works so that I am not being governed to or dictated to by the leaf of a plant.



Blogger BBC said...

Still working on that myself. Can't seem to get below four bowls a day.

Good luck.....

Saturday, 06 June, 2015  
Blogger Moohaa said...

Hi! My name is Kelly and I was going through the beginning months of my blog, which I began in 2007, and was reminded of a great debt of gratitude that I owe you. I was new to blogging, reading one and reading blogs recommended by them, etc. I found your blog through Andrew over at 4th Avenue Blues. I read your post on October 24, 2007 and you mentioned National Novel Writing Month. I clicked your link and my life changed. I had never been able to discipline myself enough to write a full length novel. I participated in NaNoWriMo in 2007 and won in 21 days. I have since participated every single year. I have 8 full length novels, two of which have sold. I have to thank you for your post, it literally changed my life. I don't blog much anymore, but I couldn't let go of the chance to thank you. I hope your life is beyond blessed.
I also wish you luck quitting your pipe. My husband is quitting cigarettes and is going through hell. You're not alone!
Thank you again.

Friday, 12 June, 2015  
Blogger BBC said...

I'm still smoking, how is it going on your end??

Friday, 12 June, 2015  

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