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Tuesday, September 06, 2016


Gave the dog a bath this afternoon.  She was pretty grungy after the reunion and I like to also give her a bath 2-3 days after giving her her flea/tick medicine (it is a liquid you put on the back of her neck that takes about 24 hours to be absorbed) so any residual gets washed off her fur.  She is generally not fond of water, so baths are not her favorite thing, but she did a good job letting me scrub her without much fussing.  She gets damn near giddy with wiggly glee when I start toweling her off after the final rinse, however.  I am not sure if she likes being toweled off or is justly happy the hell is over!

I have been doing a steady level of work, both at work and things for home, so that is nice. I hope to just work steady at things, especially at work.  My goal this year is to try to never bring work home with me at the end of the day.  That way, I can focus more on home tasks and on family.

 The three miles of running are still going well every morning, although I felt a bit slower this morning.  It may have been due to the heat.  It was almost 80 still at 5 am when I hit the trail to run.  I ran without a shirt this morning due to the heat and humidity.  I normally feel self-conscious and always wear a shirt, so folks do not think a grey furred Sasquatch is on the loose, but I figured at 5 am, who would I see?  Well, surprisingly enough I ended up running past two older widowed neighbor ladies who were walking with bright flashlights which they proceeded to shine right at me as I approached.  I amiably hollered out a "Good Morning, Mrs. 'X' and Mrs. 'Z'!!!" as I jogged past them.  They mumbled a greeting back.  I think they were startled it was me, and I think they did not expect to see anyone running past them in the dark. 



Blogger Gorilla Bananas said...

What on earth were a pair of widows doing outside that early in the morning? You must have interrupted some peculiar ritual of theirs.

Tuesday, 06 September, 2016  
Blogger S. J. Qualls said...

80, at 5 a.m. Glad I don't live in your neck of the woods!
My dogs need the flea stuff and baths too. DH changed out the shower head, and now is when I really miss the hand held shower head.

Tuesday, 06 September, 2016  
Blogger E. Rosewater said...

it's a 3 person job giving rip a bath so my hat's off to you doing it by yourself.

Tuesday, 06 September, 2016  
Blogger peppylady (Dora) said...

Our dog Daisy isn't fund of baths.
Coffee is on

Tuesday, 06 September, 2016  

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