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Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Quick (Quik)


Quick post today as  my day is filled to the brim with teaching (4.5 hours of big voice), several meetings, curricular applications, the grant application, and more.

  • 10 miles (~16 km) on the indoor track today.  It felt too cold and windy and dark at 5:00am.... so I acquiesced and instead ran on the indoor track at 6:00am.  I probably should have toughed it out and ran outside, but I knew how busy the day was going to be, so I took the easy way out.
  •  Wednesday is typically the hardest day of the week for me because it does not feel like the weekend is near, and it often feels like I am just slogging through things. 
  •  I have been appreciative of the comments I have received.  I am thinking later this week I will again have a day's post be mostly answering those comments and others that may arrive before then.  

Pipe cravings abound like crazy.  Not sure if they are a result of a) the cooler weather, b) the stresses of the grant writing and other work, c) the chaos of what I do not mention here, or d) just the fact that pipes and pipe tobaccos are wonderful, enjoyable, and fully pleasing creatures and products.  Probably a mix of all four, I presume.  



Blogger Margaret said...

Having the cravings and not giving in to them may be your superpower, PT. I wonder if you would feel defeated if you did give in. Your conflicted feelings about it make me wonder.

Wednesday, 13 September, 2023  
Blogger Pat M. said...

Professor, I wonder whether it may be time to visit that tobacconist you've mentioned, ~45 minutes away, to put your pipe cravings to the test.

By doing that, you'll preserve at least some chance of keeping to your "pipes are a treat for when I'm away from home" hope. But if an away-pipe pushes you over the threshold of returning full-time to your pipes, there's no loss, as you'll know that a pipe at home would have done the same.

Whatever you do about your pipes, I hope you can find some good counsel about your ongoing family stress. It's surely for the best that you don't write about it here, but bottling up your feelings is not a good idea, so whether it's a Capuchin or a therapist I hope you can find someone in whom you can confide, so you can unburden yourself of those stresses and maybe find a workable way forward.

Wednesday, 13 September, 2023  

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