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Tuesday, September 12, 2023



I am tire...."d'..... TIRED.  I am so tired, I did not have the energy to put the "d" in my title.  😀

With band rehearsal last night going until late, I was looking very forward to getting home to relax, eat, spend some time with my wife and then go to sleep.  The evening did not turn out quite like I envisioned: 

  • My wife decided to attend a movie while I was at rehearsal.  That is good, and the film she picked was an interesting documentary she wanted to see.  
  • But, instead of it being a good time, when she eventually arrived home (~15 minutes after I did), she was distraught.
  • That which I no longer talk about here caused quite an emotional ruckus with my wife with a phone call during the film.  
  • The information about the causer of my wife's ruckus was explained to me, leading to me being also in an emotional ruckus.  
  • We attempted to address the causer and help, but have been met with radio silence.
  • That is where we still reside.  As a result neither I nor my wife went to bed until roughly 1:00am.  
  • I could NOT force myself out of bed at the appropriate 5:00am to complete my run.  
  • Eventually, I literally FORCED myself out of bed by 5:45am to begin the damn run.   I was exhausted the moment I awoke.  The last thing I wanted to do was run.  But.... I forced myself to do so.
  • I forced myself by shear grit (no joy) to get the whole damn 10 miles in (~16km).
  • I have been working like a dog ever since with lots of big voice lecturing interspersed by lots of meetings (Zoom and also in-person).  

Maybe folks are right and I should just say "to hell with it" and go back to smoking my pipes however, whenever I would like?  It would initially be a far easier decision than the decisions I make multiple times every single day to continue on my pipe-less journey.  A pipe would nourish my mind.   Long term, however, I fear my worries would eventually return as well.... at least some day down the road.  

Off to do more editing on the damn grant application.



Blogger Margaret said...

So sorry about the family issues--I'm dealing with them too and it's resulting in disturbed sleep and lots of worry. I don't know that the joy from the pipes would offset the guilt of going back to them. You're the only one who can gauge that!

Tuesday, 12 September, 2023  
Blogger Anvilcloud said...

What an expression: 'emotional ruckus'. I may use it except I don't seem to have many of those. Naw ... I think you should stay away from your pipe dreams. 😎 I'm with Margaret but perhaps more strongly.

Wednesday, 13 September, 2023  

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