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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sleep, Energy, & Leslie

In a moment, you will understand better why this will be an especially brief post:

I read the current novel I am engrossed in (nothing of true literary note, it is just Robin Cook's "Nano") until about 1:30 am last night.  I did this partially because I was at an interesting part of the story, and also because I was trying to reset my circadian rhythm a bit.  I  think my extreme tiredness yesterday WAS related at least in part to the time change. 

Well, this morning, because I did not have to teach until 11 am, I decided to do something I almost never do, sleep in.  I allowed myself to sleep until 9 am, and then I quickly did my walk and then showered, shaved my neck and got to the U just before class. 

The net effect, is that I feel a great deal more energized than yesterday.  I think the working to adjust my circadian rhythms is useful. 

Although I do not plan to regularly take excerpts from comments submitted to me, I thought this comment needed a response from me:

In a moderated comment from Leslie yesterday, she stated (in excerpted form):

" Frumpster~ don't you think we all know we're a bunch of unruly brats? I don't see how it reflects badly on your blog and why you feel the need to keep order. We all "get" as good as we "give" and no one's the worse for wear."

My response to Leslie:

I can certainly understand what you mean with the above comment.  I know and agree with you that it does not reflect badly on my blog.  And, I also agree with you that you and the others do "get" and "give" fairly equally as well and that none of you are really all the worse for wear.   And, I even think I "get" and also "understand" the type of enjoyment all of you are having in the behaviors you engage in within the comments sections.  So, truthfully, that is not why I am moderating comments.   I am moderating comments a) because I personally need a space where I can come to that is away from other people's grouchy and/or angry feelings, b) because I need a place that is away from other people NEEDING something from me,  and c) I need a place that is more focused on my own thoughts and ideas, and d) because I do not like people having hurt feelings.  Basically, I want to try to have this blog space be as low stress for me as possible.   I also do not feel that I am denying you very much, if anything.  I have been told by a few people that you and ALT-F and Billy Pilgrim often times engage in biting comments and satire about me over on his blog.  And, that is of course perfectly ok.  And, it lets me know that you at least still do have an outlet for that sort of thing for you and the others as well.

Unfortunately, Leslie,  while I have often appreciated a lot of your specific comments to me (and also comments to me from ALT-F and Billy Pilgrim),  the more provocative types of comments about things outside of my post ended up sometimes adding to my stress. The stress would sometimes be because a) I could sense and feel people's anger in various comments, b) when people ended up being upset by some of the comments, I would feel a need for me to try to be helpful, c) occasionally the comments would overwhelm and obscure the dialogue about some painfully truthful thoughts and ideas I was hoping for advice on, and d) when people were feeling hurt it would make this space a place I myself wanted to visit less and less frequently.

So, I hope you can understand a bit more clearly what my intentions are here.  As I have stated several times, I have enjoyed many of your comments and many of ALT-F's and Billy Pilgrim's comments.   I have often found them helpful.  And, the other individuals I mentioned yesterday, all of you still know I enjoy your comments very much as well.  

Oh, and I guess one more thing I should say.... I do not think I am trying to keep "order" here as much as I am simply trying to have this space be a "peaceful" space for me to visit.    So, I again do apologize for having had to go to moderating comments, but it is the most helpful way for me to obtain what I need my blog area to be for me. 


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Monday's goal = 0 bowls
Actual consumption (Monday) = 4  bowls

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