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Thursday, March 06, 2014

As Anticipated...

Last night was a bear for me in terms of my pipe.  I knew it would be a challenge. Typically, my last pipe of the evening occurs along with me taking the dog out for her last opportunity to "go potty" for the evening.   Some evenings I will sit on the back porch while she runs around the backyard.  Other times I will take her for a brief walk in the moonlight.  In either event, my typical pattern has typically been for me to have one of my especially large-bowled briars filled to the brim with one of my especially dark, most robust pipe tobaccos.  While the dog is meandering, I will slowly, yet strongly ignite my pipe, and smoke from it in a slow, deep droughts.  Inevitably, the impact upon me by the time I return in with the dog is to help me feel a deep sense of quiet, a calmness from head-to-toe, and a relaxed sense of serenity that will make it easy to read a few pages in whatever current novel I am reading, and then moving into a gentle, restful slumber. 

Last night, I felt out-of-sorts and out of my element without my bedtime pipe.  Again, I did anticipate it, and it was like "clockwork" so-to-speak.   Just a clock, I did not want to follow.  But I made it through to the other side, and woke up this morning feeling like usual and generally happy. 

In my estimation during the last several weeks, I have typically been indulging in between 8 and 10 bowls of pipe tobacco each day.   There is a bit of give and take, however.   On Friday afternoon and evening, as well as Saturday and Sunday, I tend to smoke my pipe much more frequently, probably between 10 - 12 times a day.    So, in my ballpark estimate, I am probably hovering around smoking 80 - 85 bowls of pipe tobacco a week.  That is a helluva lot.  So, this new Lenten journey is a good thing for me.  I have confirmed that of those many pipes I tend to smoke in a day, that there are TWO VERY HARD TIMES:

1.  "Quitting Time" - when I leave the U for the day.  It varies in actual time each day, but would on average be between 4:00pm and 4:30.  I equate this time as roughly akin to how a large number of folks will stop off at the local bar on their way home and have a beer.  I know that this is how I typically indulge in my pipe tobacco at this time. 

2.  "Bed Time" - the sort of "nightcap" time of day for many folks. 

In actuality, the remaining parts of the day, while not without a desire for a pipe or two, are really not particularly difficult for me to handle.  I am going to think of potential strategies I may adopt at quitting time and bedtime to make this journey a bit easier.  As I write this, it is indeed, "Quitting Time" and I am in the midst of a deep, longing and hunger for my pipe tobacco again.



Blogger BBC said...

When I most want to light up is when I get up in the morning. So far the pipe is still winning.

Friday, 07 March, 2014  
Blogger PipeTobacco said...


Interestingly, although I do greatly enjoy the feel and effect of the first pipe in the morning, it has (relatively speaking) been far easier to ignore that initial craving upon waking compared to the "Quitting Time" or "Bedtime" pipes.


Friday, 07 March, 2014  

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