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Monday, June 13, 2016

Much Better Than Anticipated

The journey to the wedding was much better than anticipated.  The wedding was about three and a half hours away from home, and we set off early in the morning with several folks in with us, including  our son and a daughter, an elderly pair of my wife's relatives, and our dog.  We had to bring the dog as we were going to be gone at least 12- 20 hours.  

We got to the site of the wedding, and it was a sunny, hot, schorching day, hitting a high of 94 degrees.  The wedding was a "barn" wedding, not in a church, but outside at a big old barn.  We ended up sitting on bales of hay.  Because the wedding was not Catholic, it was very short, barely 20 minutes.  Afterwards, the bar was opened so guests would have something to do while the wedding party took a bunch of photos.  

It was enjoyable talking and drinking with my wife's relatives, and with the country theme, dress was casual so it was comfortable... I wore jeans, a plaid shirt that sort of looked a bit "country", some old, worn boots, and a straw hat.  My wife commented that I could pass myself off as an Amish fellow, with the way the hat fit the rest of my outfit. 

Well, I was beyond lucky,  one of my wife's relatives who rode with us felt it was necessary to leave the party early!  We left around 9pm!  So I ended up only drinking a pleasant amount (five beers), and I wisely steered away from the whisky that was available. So, I felt pleasant on the long ride home, but nothing at risk of leading to a hangover!  We even stopped to get an ice cream cone on the trip home.  I had a "moose tracks" ice cream on a cone.  My wife had salted caramel, my daughter had blue moon, my son had moose tracks as well, one of the elderly passengers had mint, and the other had toasted coconut.  We ended up getting home at midnight (much earlier than I had feared).  The dog must have gotten a little motion sickness, because she threw up on herself, so I had to give her a bath, but that wasn't too rough, and I was in bed by 2am, still feeling pleasant.  It turned out to be pretty nice!



Blogger BBC said...

You can always pretend to get sick and have to leave early...

Monday, 13 June, 2016  
Blogger forsythia said...

A short and sweet wedding, the best kind! Never heard of "blue moon" ice cream. The dog's throwing up made it a "9" on the "Good Day" scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being a totally wonderful day.

Tuesday, 14 June, 2016  

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