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Friday, September 09, 2016

Journey to My Father-In-Laws

It was a busy, hectic day today, filled with all sorts of tiring tasks with our Department meeting.  I was able to handle things successfully even though it was not my cup of tea by any means.  I also was able to get a number of research tasks done, including making up the chemical solutions needed for the new experiment I am having my research students collaborate on with me.  It seems that there is never enough time for the sh*t that has to be done.  I am learning, however, to just say to hell with it after a while.  I put in an appropriate (in my opinion) level of time at work, and what does not get done.... oh well. 

After getting a few things prepared for class next week, I have decided to end the workday, and I am going to head over to my father-in-laws to indulge in good conversation, libations, and pipes.  It should be an excellent afternoon which should also result in a grand evening. 

Saturday, I am going to watch a Cross Country meet.  It should be interesting.  I am being very faithful in my three miles every day.  It is still very nice feeling good about those three of the five miles.  I am not sure if I wish to push it to four yet, but I am considering it. 



Blogger S. J. Qualls said...

Learning to say 'enough' or 'no' is half the battle.

Enjoy your afternoon with your father-in-law as well as the rest of this weekend.

Friday, 09 September, 2016  
Blogger BBC said...

I trust that things went well.

Tuesday, 13 September, 2016  

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