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Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Plans Go Awry

I had really been hoping to go swimming with my family this evening.  Unfortunately, last minute requirements that several people had, made that impossible.  I was feeling resentful about it, but have grown accepting of it.  It would have been very nice and a relaxing way to end the day.  I am going to start sneaking away at work to go now.  Even though it would be much more fun with my family there, I will still feel better if I go regularly.  If they can then go, I will just go twice in the same day.  

Today I also had a checkup.  Everything was deemed good by my doctor,  the rectal exam was not pleasant, but my rectum was deemed fit, and the embarrassing hernia check occurred and was negative.  It is odd and disconcerting having someone who is not my wife prob and prod me in those regions.  You would think I would be used to it after all these years, but it is still odd.  My BP was 118/72, my heart rate was 64, and this was even with the upcoming rectal and hernia tests still to be done. 



Blogger BBC said...

Wait, your wife sticks her finger up your ass? That's just plain weird. They make bullet vibrators for that you know, and I have this..... never mind.

Maybe it would seem more normal to you if the doctor was a female, I'm pretty sure male doctors don't enjoy it anymore than you do.

Swimming is great exercise but I haven't done any for years. I would not at all mind having a hot tub here also.

Wednesday, 02 October, 2013  
Blogger BBC said...

All my life things have happened that change my plans, it happens to everyone but you seem to have trouble dealing with it.

Was swimming together with family your idea? Did the kings plan go to hell?


Wednesday, 02 October, 2013  
Blogger BBC said...

I’ve never been with a woman that showed any interest in sticking anything in my ass.

Other than her shoe. :-)

Wednesday, 02 October, 2013  
Blogger amelia said...

Wonderful blood pressure!!

Friday, 04 October, 2013  
Blogger BBC said...

Didn't expect to see a Saturday post here but dropped in just in case.

Saturday, 05 October, 2013  
Blogger BBC said...

Is your wry still broken?

Tuesday, 08 October, 2013  

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