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Friday, February 21, 2020


Trying to work hard.  Trying to use this last day of the “governmental service” stuff wisely.  I will be glad when it ends today.  I may talk about it more soon, but it has been rough.  My pipe dreams last night were very vivid.  I have my pipe again with me today.  But, that is hard too... not sure where I am going with it all, honestly.



Blogger Anvilcloud said...

I liked the 'act' of teaching, but the 'job' of teaching and all that it implied got a little much.

Saturday, 22 February, 2020  
Blogger Pat McDowell said...

You have written sometimes about distractions at Mass that prevent you from hearing or nicely reflecting on the day's readings. I wonder, then, whether you ever go online in advance to look up a day's scheduled readings?

Readings for Sunday, February 23

From your recent writings, I suspect you'll get some relief reflecting on: "The Lord is kind and merciful." Yes, God desires perfection from each of us, but He also knows that we won't achieve that ideal, and he responds with mercy rather than the beatings you so often seem to like to give yourself. Furthermore, He wants us to extend such mercy and forgiveness to others, rather than hating them for the bad stuff they do to us.

Putting it another way, if someone abuses you -- whether because of pipey aroma, or a bad grade earned, or an unpopular administrative decision -- you are stuck with God's command to forgive. On the other hand, as the reading reminds us, "you may have to reprove" the abusive person. Loving the person who hates your pipes, or your administration, or your grading, does NOT require you to change your proper actions regarding your pipes, your administration, or your grading.

You will also notice tomorrow that the readings remind us that each Christian is the temple of God. It doesn't, however, give guidance about burning fragrant incense in that temple! :-)

Saturday, 22 February, 2020  

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