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Monday, June 20, 2022



The next day of our adventure was also very fun and enjoyable.  I was able to run in the morning throughout the town, exploring the downtown area and also in running through several very beautiful neighborhoods.  There were many beautiful, Victorian era homes, many of which had turrets as well during my running journey.  

Where my wife had to do her work, she met a friend that she had not seen in quite some time, and this friend wanted to eat dinner with my wife and me.  So, we did.  Sadly, this friend was not a particularly "food adventurous" type, and so we ended up eating at an Italian place that was a local establishment, but was designed to be very much like an "Olive Garden" but with a bit of a collegiate feel as well.  My wife and her friend both ate some of the usual "Italian-'Olive Garden-esque'" fare, but it seemed rather mundane to me, so I kept searching around the menu for at least something that was "different" at the place.  I ended up ordering a "wet burrito" and was able to modify it to my liking (no cheese & no beef..... do not get me wrong, I am not opposed to eating cheese OR beef.... but I was not in the mood for oily, melty cheese nor greasy ground beef).  So my wet burrito had beans and sauce (salsa verde) and a mountain of jalapeno pepper slices for added fun.  It was pretty enjoyable.  

When we left the next morning, my wife and I stopped at a small, quaint, sushi place for lunch.   I had a tuna roll, my wife had a shrimp roll (I am not fond of shrimp), and we shared a California roll.  This place made their own wasabi (which I REALLY enjoy.... and my wife avoids like the plague) and their pickled ginger was wonderfully fresh tasting and unusually crisp as well.  We made it home early in the evening on Friday.

Saturday, I needed to serve at Mass.... lector, communion (substituting for the person who was scheduled), and usher.  And because we had a substitute priest who was retired, and had walking issues, and limped with a cane... I was also altar server as well.  The priest was a really nice fellow, and I talked with him for 15-20 minutes after Mass as well.  After Mass, I traveled out to the cemetery where to place flowers on my father's headstone and my father-in-law's headstone for Father's Day.  As usual, I was saddened to see so very few plants or flowers put out for deceased fathers compared to what typically occurs with mothers on Mother's Day.  But, it is unfortunately typical that far, far fewer folks do this for Father's Day.   I miss both of them a lot. 

Father's Day, yesterday, was very nice as well.  ALL the kids were there and there was no drama either.  It was very pleasant.  My oldest daughter made me (us) a favorite.... ratatouille, and bruschetta, and a cake.  It was peaceful, fun, and no drama.    

I ran 15.1 miles (~24.5 km) this morning.  I started a little later than I would have liked because we were experiencing a very heavy rain at 5:00am.  I waited until 6:00am to start.... much less rain and eventually it stopped as well during my run. I am just eating my cereal at this late time in the morning, it has fresh blackberries in it in addition to the usual blueberries.   



Blogger Pat M. said...

It's amazing and wonderful, Professor, that you can run more than a half-marathon as just another ordinary daily run as part of your health regimen.

Blackberries are also health-promoting, and surely more enjoyable than 15 miles of running. Certainly easier on your knees! :-)

I'm glad you were able to honor your father and father-in-law and that your own Father's Day celebration went so well. Let's hope this is the start of an equally wonderful week ahead for you!

Monday, 20 June, 2022  
Blogger Margaret said...

Glad you had such a great time and figured out something good to eat. I'm not a fan of Olive Garden. My mom's family is Italian and I've been to Italy three times so most "Italian" places disappoint me. My kids aren't cemetery people although they did acknowledge their late father on FD by sharing a thoughtful message and a meaningful photo of him. Happy for no drama! I dislike drama intensely.

Monday, 20 June, 2022  
Blogger Anvilcloud said...

It looks like you had a pretty good foodie vacation and Father’s Day.

Tuesday, 21 June, 2022  

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