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Thursday, June 16, 2022

Variations & Intricacies


Well.... we are on our two day adventure.  My wife is working at the moment, and I am going to have a special electronic section for my class in a bit.  We are in the bit of a heat wave with temperatures nearing 100 degrees (~37 C) yesterday and today.  

On the drive here yesterday, my wife and I talked quite a bit about "beef wellington".  We both REALLY do want to try the dish some day... but we came to the same conclusion that $87.00 was just too damn much money to pay for a single plate of food.  I was feeling guilty about it, and so was my wife.  It was just too damn exorbitant and it seemed almost a "sin" to splurge on something so pricey.  The idea of doing so was making us both feel foolish, guilty, and we would be 'bourgeois-like" if we were to do this (I *think* I am using that silly word, "bourgeois" correctly).

Instead, after we arrived, we scoped out the city... and lo-and-behold, we found an Ethiopian Restaurant!!!!!!!  We were utterly delighted!  We had not had the pleasure of dining in an Ethiopian Restaurant since the start of the pandemic!!! And, while we had made some of our own Ethiopian food at home during the pandemic, it was never as good as real, legitimate Ethiopian cuisine.  It was SO very wonderful, hearty, filling, and flavorful!  The beautiful texture and flavor of authentic Injera bread is difficult to describe, but it delighted every corner of my mouth with each bite!  All of the samplings of side dishes were richly spicy and loaded with flavor and texture with every mouthful!  It was the perfect meal!

After I get through my electronic class, I may mosey around a bit.  I happened to notice that there is ONE tobacconist somewhat nearby.  From on-line photos it looks like it may be mediocre, but you never know.  It will be fun to glance around even if it is only mediocre.  I might find something delightful, though, so who knows.  It is always a bit of a surprise what there may be.  Smoking my pipe in a new city was always especially enjoyable with the new sites as I would meander around.  I would often meet and talk with some very nice folks along my journeys.  I will still meander around.  But, it is not as fun without my pipe.    

I ran 8 miles (~13 km) this morning.  It is always fun to run in a new place.  You get to see so much.  

When my wife gets finished with what she needs to today, we will likely go explore.  Perhaps find an ice cream shop or a cupcake shop.  



Blogger Pat M. said...

In the spirit of the fable of the fox and his sour grapes, maybe you can consider that Beef Wellington is basically just meat with a breaded wrapping around it... which makes it little more than a hoity-toity corn dog. :-)

I hope you enjoy your visit to the unknown/mysterious tobacconist, and that you find something enjoyable/enticing/worthwhile in the experience. Maybe on your next such adventure you could bring an empty pipe to help enhance your fun?

Also, I notice that you didn't tell us how much the Ethiopian cuisine cost. I'm guessing that the two of you could have enjoyed two or three full meals while spending less than the cost of just one pretentious Beef Wellington. Congratulations on your restaurant find, Professor!

Thursday, 16 June, 2022  
Blogger Margaret said...

What a great day! I much prefer Ethiopian food to beef; I enjoy those small bites and the variety. There are many excellent Ethiopian restaurants in the Seattle area. I think you made the right choice!

Thursday, 16 June, 2022  
Blogger Anvilcloud said...

I think you are happy with your choice. Maybe there will come a time for a really big splurge. Do you have an significant anniversary or birthday coming up?

Thursday, 16 June, 2022  
Blogger Pam J. said...

There are at least 5 Ethiopian restaurants within 10 miles of my home--DC area, probably many more. My favorite thing to order is a veggie combo platter. I don't even know what I'm eating but it's all fabulous. I wish I liked the bread more than I do although I admit that it's a handy way to scoop up food.

Thursday, 16 June, 2022  
Blogger Tom Cochrun said...

An $87.00 entree might also give you heart burn, certainly wallet burn. Sounds like you found a jewell in the Ethiopian restaurant.

Saturday, 18 June, 2022  
Blogger peppylady (Dora) said...

I haven't had Beef Wellington. I think I will see what take to make it.
Coffee is on and stay safe

Saturday, 18 June, 2022  

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