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Monday, August 08, 2022



Friday afternoon, my wife was wiped out from looking at assisted living facilities with her siblings.  It was primarily the sibling's behavior that wiped her out (as I had mentioned about the previous day's efforts to look at facilities was as well). Fortunately, although tired and feeling emotional about the whole process, she was also happy about some of the options and has narrowed it down to two.  She and I are planning to take Mom to visit the two today (Monday) later in the afternoon.  That will be potentially very hard as my MIL may be rather angry/upset, or it could go well if she finds either place especially interesting.  I am of course hoping for the latter, but expecting the former.  The two places my wife likes sound VERY nice and have a whole community in each one where there is a large array of activities that encourage folks to socialize and do fun things.  If Mom is open to the idea, it may be very, very enjoyable and fun for her.  

With my wife not really able to do much else about this during the weekend, she was wonderfully willing to have me go to the 5K race, and came with me to cheer me on!  I was rather nervous because running with real running folks embarrasses me and makes me feel quite self conscious.  I think this is a remnant of my former self when I was both quite heavy and quite physically inactive.  I remember in high school when I was heavy for a high schooler (222 pounds pretty much the whole time (~100kg, ~16 stone)).  That was a weight I was at or higher (highest was 290 pounds (~131 kg, ~ 21.7 stone) during much of early and middle aged adult life.

But, I pushed through the self consciousness and embarrassment, and still registered and prepared to run.  I am not really sure what my best running abilities MAY be, but I did give this run my damnedest effort I could.  It was quite warm already (75 degrees (~24 C)) and was sunny and very humid.  By the time I was hit the finish line after the 5 K race was finished, I was drenched from head-to-toe.  My shirt and my shorts also were completely wet.  And the brim of my hat was also wet from my perspiration.  

But, I did it!!!!!

Some stats:

1.  There were a total of 82 participants.  So, out of these 82, eight of them selected to participate in the WALK version of the race and not the RUNNING version.  So, 74 actual runners, and 8 walkers.  

2.  I was the OLDEST runner of all the participants.  There were two WALKERS who were older than me.  

3.  While getting ready to start, one kid complemented me on my big, grey beard before the race started.  I thanked him, but the comment also had me chuckle because I could see my wife roll her eyes at me because she was nearby and heard the comment too (she would rather I trim my beard back to its former traditionally shorter profile (~1 inch length) instead of this bigger version I have had for a few years, but I have to admit that I actually really like the positive attention I sometimes receive with my bigger version)

4.  The starter pistol sounded, and off I tried to hoof it as fast as I could! 

5.  I came in 14th overall!!!!!!!!  That was damn surprising and felt really great for me!!!!!!!!  So, if you count runners only, I was 14th out of 74, or counting all participants, I was 14th out of 82.  

6.  Within my AGE CATEGORY, I came in FIRST and received a medal!!!!!!!!  

7.  I also received a race shirt (everyone who participates does).  I happily wore it as my pajama top last evening.  

Overall, it was a very fun experience.  Although in the greater scheme of things it is not any big deal... to ME personally, it is a big deal because I can feel good about myself for the work I have put in to try to become a more physically fit person than I had been before.  

After the race and after receiving my medal, my wife and I went "window shopping" around the town bit and then we drove home and went swimming.  I felt very fortunate and very happy.  And, swimming as always is relaxing and peaceful.  

* * * * *

I ran 13.1 miles (~21 km) this morning.  It was a warm morning again (and it was 5:15am too) so I ran “Sasquatch Mode”.  It was quiet and contemplative (and of course, at a slower (non-race) pace).  It was pleasant to listen to the Capuchin Mass and to pray the rosary.

* * * * *

PCS - 6.... perhaps I am getting used to this persistent, rather stable, higher (6) score, I am not sure.  It is a significant and very strong interest and excitement about smoking my pipes and pipe tobaccos to be sure.  But, it is just below the level where I have that gnawing “yearning" style intensity of desire.  I would find it more comfortable to be down to a 3 or a 4 of course, but I am getting more used to this persistent, seemingly unbending higher level, I think.  

* * * * * 

If Mom's visits to facilities works well in regards to timing, I am hoping my wife and I can swim again because it relaxes both of us so well. 



Blogger Margaret said...

I hope the visits go well with MIL and that she can find a place that will suit her. It will be a relief for all of you! Those places do have a wide range of activities to keep seniors busy. My congratulations! That's such a wonderful accomplishment. Your running has paid off and this race performance adds to that.

Monday, 08 August, 2022  
Blogger Anvilcloud said...

What you have accomplished is, as the kids would say, awesome. These results would be superb for anyone, but are especially so considering your starting point. You really deserve a medal for coming so far, and I don’t mean just about your running accomplishments.

I also need to think you for your very kind comment over at mine. Your kindness and affirmation have been noted and appreciated.

Monday, 08 August, 2022  

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