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Monday, May 08, 2023

Half Marathon Outside!

I did an OUTDOOR half marathon today!  I actually ran a total of 13.3 miles (~21.5 km).  It felt very nice being outside running again.  I do know I will be sore as hell tomorrow.  I usually am sore for a few days when I transition to a new running venue.  In the late Fall when I migrate inside, there is a bit of learning curve as running on the track (or treadmill) uses muscles a bit differently.  And, in the Spring when I venture back outside, there is that same sort of learning curve as I re-acclimate to outside running.  Mostly it is, I believe, from a change in stride length (I have a longer stride length out-of-doors), and also a different cadence.  

Getting my Summer class up-to-snuff.  I feel I am ready to dive in tomorrow morning.  My Summer schedule for decades has been to teach intensively on Tuesdays and Thursdays (basically from 8:00am until 5:30pm) with only ~2 or perhaps occasionally 3 - 15 minute breaks.   It is a different type of effort, for sure.  But, it is the pattern I inherited so many decades ago from my predecessor.  And, it does work.  It is nice having the M/W/F unscheduled time.  

  • Had some significant frustrations with the subject I no longer discuss here during the weekend.  It put a huge damper on Sunday.
  • Went to Mass on Saturday this past weekend because I was scheduled to help distribute Eucharist at that Mass.  When I arrived, the scheduled Lay Lector came over and asked if I would be willing to take over with reading the 1st and 2nd readings and Intentions at Mass for her as she had a sore knee (she is in her late 80s), so I did.  I also ended up being the altar server as the scheduled person did not show up.  It was a bit chaotic overall.  
  • PCS = 8.  I have been in a perpetual mood of thinking about smoking my pipes.  I had two very pleasant dreams (that I partially recall) about smoking my pipes.  And, as odd as it sounds, after I finished praying the Rosary while I ran, I had a fair amount of time left in my run, and I spent pretty much all of it lost in thoughts and memories of pipes and pipe tobaccos I would like to smoke again.  I think the failure I had in Des Moines has been affecting me more than I realized.  That, or perhaps I am maybe just struggling to remain standing on a very slippery slope that perhaps I created for myself with the beautiful Chicago experience.  I do not really know.  


Blogger Margaret said...

I would like to get back into my running. Perhaps since the weather is getting better, I'll be more motivated? It's interesting how a variety of activities use the muscles in different (and painful) ways! I find that when I go back to mowing the lawn. Since I don't have a self-propelled mower, I usually wake up the next day with sore arms/shoulders.

Monday, 08 May, 2023  
Blogger Liz Hinds said...

That was a very busy church service for you!

Tuesday, 09 May, 2023  
Blogger The Blog Fodder said...

How many weeks is Summer Session? Not much vacation time for you. Dedication does that.

Thursday, 11 May, 2023  

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