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Monday, August 28, 2023

Off to the Races

Overall, the weekend was pleasant.  My wife and I did NOT get to swim in the pool as unfortunately, about 1/2 hour before we arrived, a little kid vomited in the pool, which necessitated a cleaning and sanitation that closed the pool the rest of the day.  My wife and I were disappointed.  

We did decide to go out to eat Sunday evening, instead of having the meal we had planned.  We decided to save the meal we had planned and made for today instead to help make today a bit easier overall.  We went to our local restaurant that will allow you to select various food items and then will stir-fry the selection for you while you wait.  My wife had a regular, fairly traditional stir fry with some vegetables, noodles, chicken, & shrimp.... and typical "Oriental" style spices.... she especially likes Teriyaki flavors.  She also had a salad and egg drop soup.  My plate to stir fry was as heaping mound of vegetables I could wrangle staying on the plate, then topped with an very heavy array of Indian spices (curry, etc), pepper and a little bit of garlic sauce.  The best part for me is that they will also do my “stir-fry” without adding oil if I ask.  That helps me as I do not like the oily feel of most stir-fry dishes.   I also had a heaping plate of salad, and a large number of pieces fresh spring rolls and pieces of sushi.

After not using my "big, professorial voice" for a few weeks.... my voice is utterly tuckered out.  I am a bit hoarse, like usual during this first day.  Typically, I acclimate successfully to my lots of "professorial voice" talking by the end of the week.  Keeping my fingers crossed.

I worked hard to try to stay "even-keel" during the weekend, but I know I was not completely able to dissipate my anxiety about the impending start of the semester.  I think I slept well....but... at the same time, I ended up waking up ~ 1/2 an hour before the EARLIEST alarm I set.  This semester, I am trying to be more "casual" and "nonchalant" about alarms...... so I am going with the following:

1.  Phone alarms..... one at the preferred, early time to get up, a second alarm 15 minutes later, a third 15 minutes later than that, and a fourth one fifteen minutes later still.  

2.  BACKUP phone alarms..... on an old, defunct phone that still functions as an alarm..... one alarm five minutes after the first one in #1 above, five minutes after the second one in #1 above.... etc.

3.  Traditional, clock-radio alarm.... set for 15 minutes after the last alarm in #1 above.


4.  The "Alarm Light" which turns on a bright light about 15 minutes BEFORE the first phone alarm (in #1) goes off.   The "Alarm Light" is my attempt to make the room "feel" as if it is daylight hours in an effort to have my pineal gland activate in my brain the idea of it being daytime instead of pitch black out like it actually is most of the teaching year.  

So..... I awoke about about 15 minutes before my alarm light was set to go off.  I got out of bed, and was able to begin my run early..... ~4:45am.  With it being completely dark, I had to go back to wearing my running headlamp also. 

I ran 10.3 miles (~16.5 km) this morning, and was able to watch the sunrise, which was quite beautiful. It was interesting in that there were hardly any clouds in the sky, but that the dew point had created a fog that was about 5-8 feet tall at ground level.  So, as I ran, I was ensconced in fog, but sometimes my head would be above the fog and I could see the sky clearly and the sunrise, but other times when it was a bit thicker, I was fully running in the fog.  

As I ran, I prayed the rosary.... actually 10 decades of the rosary this morning.  And then afterwards, I reminisced about the sheer joy of the pipe I experienced in Chicago.  That single, lone pipe, now from so many months ago... is so extremely vivid to me.  I could still almost nearly perceive in my imagination its beautifully flavorful tastes and aromas I experienced. I could still almost nearly feel the gentle pleasure of the nicotine from that Chicago experience as it massaged my neurons.  I could still almost nearly relive the beautiful, whole-body relaxation I felt from that single, nourishing bowl in Chicago.  Sometimes... if I allow myself the option to too often relive these and many other beautiful and artistic memories of such beauty from the pipe, I begin to doubt my continued fortitude.

I have many other things to prepare for the start of two other classes I have that will meet for the first time tomorrow.  I should probably get hopping on those.   




Blogger Margaret said...

The start of the school year is always busy and full of changes and stresses. Once we settle back into it, it's simply our normal routine. I love stir fry but haven't had it for quite some time.

Monday, 28 August, 2023  
Blogger jenny_o said...

That is a LOT of alarms. I set three each night, and I thought that was a lot!

I hope your first week goes smoothly and gets the academic year off to a good start.

Tuesday, 29 August, 2023  
Blogger Anvilcloud said...

This is a very alarming post.

Tuesday, 29 August, 2023  

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