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Tuesday, September 19, 2023



Shortly after I wrote yesterdays post, a new tornado arose in my life..... brought about by the two "lovely" (sarcasm) individuals at work who have treated me so very shabbily other times.  It is difficult to write about generally because the details are challenging and odd.  But, generally, these two folks have basically sabotaged a curricular initiative I am working to get adopted at the U.  The two "delightful" (sarcasm) folks.... words cannot describe how hurt and annoyed I am at them.  

Here's the issue.  Curricular initiatives require a helluva lot of a) finesse, b) careful planning, c) endless hours of busy-work minutia, d) lots of hoofing around to various departments, committees, and chairs of committees, and so much more.  Here is where I am awfully damn mad at these two "cherished" (sarcasm) members of my Department...... way, way back in late MARCH, I came to the whole Department, and spoke at length to the WHOLE Department about the specific curricular initiatives.  I had documents, PowerPoint slides, and basically every duck in a row that I could have in a row for this Department Meeting.... seeking their approval to begin this process.  

AND... EVERYONE in the Department AGREED fully with the initiatives!!!!!! EVERYONE.... including the two "superlative" (sarcasm) folks I have been talking about.  THEY DAMN WELL AGREED!!!!!!!

Now, when I spend the time since late March talking with the other departments, committees, etc.... and have the damnable initiatives also formally written into the damn clunky, but required electronic submission program at our U...... NOW, that we have to add the Departmental Vote to the submission program..... NOW.... they are saying no..... instead of the YES they earlier gave back in March.  EVERY OTHER DAMN VOTE IN THE DEPARTMENT IS YES, except for those two stellar (sarcasm) individuals.  

What's the deal you may ask?  Having a Department that submits an initiative with any "no" votes sets off a whole helluva lot of red flags in the governing committee.  They will then begin to question, and question, and question.... and I will have many, many, many more hours eaten up for b*llsh*t.  And.... it may make the initiative be at risk for not being adopted.  

They are "benevolent" (read... petty), "kindhearted people" (read "distal end of the digestive system"). 

So.  I was very grumpy at the end of the day......

  • went swimming with my wife, which did not really help unfortunately
  • I had to go to band rehearsal... and did NOT want to go.  But, I went.  Rehersal did help a little bit.  
  • Sleeping was a huge help.  At least there, I was ensconced in happier thoughts of pipes, etc.

I got up this morning......

  • pounded out an aggravated and hurt 10.3 miles (~16.5 km)
  • Taught in "big voice" for 4 hours
  • BUT, in the middle of teaching, the damn emergency system was activated on our campus and I and my students had to evacuate our building. In total, three buildings had to evacuate.  
  • about 45 minutes later, we were given the "all clear" and allowed to re-enter.  
  • The situation turns out to have been an electrical short that occurred in the wiring of the building next door (but we are attached by a walkway).  The short automatically set of the warning system in the three buildings.  
  • So, with the 45 minutes lost, I had to try to condense, and to accelerate my teaching in the class that experienced the alarm situation so that I would stay on track.  I am close, but no cigar.  I will have to continue at the accelerated pace a bit more next class If I hope to get back on track someday.  

I am hoping and praying no additional b*llsh*t befalls on my today or across the foreseeable future.  



Blogger Anvilcloud said...

They continue to plague you.

Tuesday, 19 September, 2023  
Blogger Margaret said...

People like that love to put the proverbial spanner in the works; it is a power game for them at the expense of everyone else. I'm sorry.

Tuesday, 19 September, 2023  
Blogger Liz Hinds said...

Oh what 'lovely' people to have to work with.

Thursday, 21 September, 2023  

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