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Monday, August 23, 2010

Quick List

It has been a day, not good, nor bad. Just a day. A day filled with lots of little things. Here is a list:

1. Awoke at 5:00am.

2. Walked again for the 701 st day in a row.

3. Worked on a bee hive (Actually it may be a hornet's nest or some other such social insect. It is not the typical honeybee.) that has invaded a portion of the eaves on one corner of my home. I have been working at getting the damn insects out and plugging up all sorts of creavices they may get into for the past 3 days.

4. Went to the U's gym to lift weights (to try to build upper body strength). This is so I can look like this fellow... Paul Teuetl. I am joking, but I would like to build my upper body strength to be able to successfully do 10 chin-ups in a row.

5. Got into my office at the U at 8:30. Did some work for the start of the semester next week and some reading for my research.

6. Left the U around 1 pm.

7. Went to a framing shop and ordered 5 special mattes to be cut for some art my wife and I wish to hang in the home. I can successfully cut matte board for smaller prints, but these are too large for my abilities.

8. Bought some mulch for around the bushes etc around the house.

9. Bought some wall anchors so I may be able to hang the art when I get the mattes back.

10. Worked on repairing one of the railings going up to the second floor in our home.

11. Packed up dinner and ate at a park with the family.

That is the basic rundown of the day.



Blogger austere said...

That dinner in the park sounds good.

Thursday, 26 August, 2010  

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