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Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Myriad of Maladaptive Neurons

To be frank, there are a helluva lot of things I should be working on at the moment. I am proctoring a final exam, and have brought other exams from earlier in the week to grade, I have scores to input into my grading spreadsheet, and I have two books that I have received through inter-library loan that I need to work through before their due date next week.

Yet, my mind is muddled and unfocused at the moment. My neurons are not being as cohesive and focused as I would like. I feel no ambition to do anything. I have been sitting and day dreaming. About what you may ask? Not much of any merit. Nothing particularly deep, nor racy, nor Earth shattering or wonderful like hoping for world peace. Just a bunch of simple, easy to imagine nonsense that I can focus on for 5-10 seconds before my mind flitters onto something else. Here is a sample list:

1. Imagining smoking my pipe.
2. Imagining drinking some brandied eggnog.
3. Imagining driving around in my old (and nearly completely restored) Beetle.
4. Imagining being in San Diego.
5. Imagining being in Mexico.
6. Imagining smoking my pipe again.
7. Imagining being interviewed on a book tour (not that I have a book finished).
8. Imagining drinking a tall gin and tonic.
9. Imagining eating a big bowl of pistachio and double chocolate ice cream.
10. Imagining spring.
11. Imagining sitting out in the sunshine.
12. Imagining having another pipe.
13. Imagining a hazelnut pie (I have never heard of such a thing, but in my mind I have been thinking of a recipe for one that is a modification of a classic pecan pie recipe with some other flavors and ingredients.)
14. Imagining drinking a boilermaker.
15. Imagining a double cheese, italian sausage, green pepper, onion, and pineapple pizza.
16. Imagining eating at the wonderful Eastern Indian restaurant we ate at during our travels this summer, and recalling the incredible meal sampler plate which came with small versions of 10 different entrees.
17. Imagining floating in a swimming pool on a beautiful Summer day.
18. Imagining smoking my pipe.
19. Imagining sitting outside in a large field on a scorching hot Summer day and having cloud cover arrive and a cooling, gentle rain fall upon me.
20. Imagining eating a large, spicy Mexican dinner.

Pathetically mundane, perhaps, but that is where my mind is at today.



Blogger muddleglum said...

Welcome to common humanity, though that hazelnut pie sounds inventive. Tell me how it comes out if you ever give it a go.

Tossing an exaggeration, 90% of humanity only thinks of the mundane, and the other 10% think of the mundane 90% of the time.

But I wouldn't want it any other way. If anyone never thinks of the mundane, then how can I trust him to understand humanity?

Thursday, 16 December, 2010  
Blogger amelia said...

Thanks for the visit! I would be honoured to be on your reading list! I don't blog very often so it wouldn't be too much of a chore.

I am having the same type of day. My family will arrive tomorrow and all I can do is sit and stare out the window when there are a million things that I should be doing!! :)

Thursday, 16 December, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you sounded hungry...

Thursday, 16 December, 2010  
Blogger BBC said...

A Myriad of Maladaptive Neurons.

You're sounding like a fucking professor, try using those words on 80 percent of this rock and see what happens.

English is a piece of shit and all wise people know that and use simple words that everyone understands.

Thursday, 16 December, 2010  
Blogger BBC said...

Golly, I know big fucking words also.

I don't use them, I'm speaking to the whole world, I get visits from all over this rock, I want them to understand what I'm saying.

Thursday, 16 December, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love VWs, at least the old ones. Had one for many years. I hope yours is bright orange, not the light one but the pretty red orange one.

Beep the horn for me.

Thursday, 16 December, 2010  
Blogger LM said...

We have a '63 V-Dub in quite good condition. We love it. People stop us to talk about it all the time, usually reminiscing, "I had one like that in the '60s...wish I'd kept it. Do you want to sell yours?"
Enjoy YOUR V-Dub, Professor.

Friday, 17 December, 2010  
Blogger BBC said...

I wish I had a V-Dub, that's one car I've never owned.

Friday, 17 December, 2010  
Blogger Eric Valentine said...

good to see you still posting pipe, hope al is ready for your festive season.. :)

Sunday, 19 December, 2010  
Blogger BBC said...

hope al is ready for your festive season.. :)

Festive needs a season?

Sunday, 19 December, 2010  

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