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Tuesday, September 09, 2014

This & That

I am trying something new here, a "speed post" where I will free form write about ideas of whatever I have been thinking about for a brief burst of time (5 minutes) without worry about form or functionality.    Today, I feel like having a  bulleted list:

  • Thimscool.... I apologize if you feel I have been ignoring you.  That was not my intention.  I do not think I ignored or missed any comments from you, and at least during the last several months, I believe I have published every one I have received.  I will work to respond to the comments I receive starting from this point forward. 
  •  My pipe quitting endeavor is going no where fast.  Not much more to say about that other than I am fully saturated with pipe tobacco essences, as usual. 
  • It is a beautiful day out today, and I am ear-marking it to try to have some fun outside this afternoon.  Not sure how yet, but I want to get the hell out of Dodge (the U) by about 2:30 if at all possible, so I can try to go play for a bit.
  • You can see a bit of leaf change already around here.  Soon we will have the vivid hues of orange, red, and yellow.    I enjoy those colors a lot.
  • I am going to wrestle myself into doing what I damn well want to in life.  I am sick of the cloud of gloom, and the immense weight of all the b*llsh*t pressures I have been experiencing.  It is my mission to get this to end, and to get it to end damn quickly.  I want to live and enjoy and laugh and love.  And I will.
  • My wife and I watch very little television compared to what we used to watch even 10 years ago.  We now probably watch television for only 30 minutes - 60 minutes a day.  Well, my wife may watch a bit more than that, because I refuse to watch the innane b*llsh*t they call local news anymore.  News (both local and national) used to have substance.  Now, none of it is substantive, and it is a waste of my time.  About the only news source worth investing time into is reading the New York Times, and even that is not necessary daily.  I get the news I need these days from a computer program called Circa.

    That is it for today folks!



Blogger BBC said...

I enjoyed a lovely picnic with Laurel Ann today.

Wednesday, 10 September, 2014  

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