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Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Write About

The past little while has been rather busy, but mostly I have not had much of an inspiration to write.  I have been rather devoid of anything meaningful to report or even to grouch about anything.  I have just been existing, albeit relatively calmly.  

As a sort of "data dump" here are a few tidbits of things happening lately, none of which seemed deserving of a whole post:

1.  We have a visiting, retired priest for the last few weeks and for the next few weeks.  He is in his upper 80s and is a real delight to have while our normal priest is on a retreat somewhere half way across the country.

2.  I have been building and encouraging the 6 (yes six!) student research groups I currently have into writing abstracts for a conference where they can present their research.  It is going reasonably well.

3.  I made a new Indian dish with lentils, garbanzo beans and spinach.  It is very heavily seasoned which happily everyone's delight tasted grand.

4.  At confession, I talked with the elderly priest about my sins of anger and about my sin of not doing anything about stopping my pipe smoking.  I was rather surprised when he said that I was a good man and that I should not be so hard on myself for smoking a pipe nor for the thing I had gotten upset about.  

5.  There is a show on one of the cable channels called "Flioping Vegas" which is about flipping houses.  I am surprised, but I am finding it very entertaining.



Blogger BBC said...

Fucking rain...

Thursday, 05 February, 2015  
Blogger MRMacrum said...

Fuckin Snow!

Saturday, 07 February, 2015  

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