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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Tomorrow is the Day (Blech)

Running today at about the two mile mark, I was an idiot and didn't pay attention like I know to do there and tripped on a part of the sidewalk that was all out of whack.  There are three spots I KNOW to be careful at and to watch carefully because of upheavals in the sidewalk, but I wan't paying attention in area number three like I normally do.  I hit the edge and took  a big tumble.  I have done this before even when walking and I know better to watch for each of these three spots.  I cut up my knee and elbow quite significantly and scraped my palms too while breaking the fall.  

I got up and finished the run, and even did a fourth mile as well.  But I am going to be awfully damn sore for a few days.  I can feel it in my knee, elbow and hip.  Oh well, what can I do now?  Tomorrow's run may be slow.  But I am damn well going to do it.  I cannot let this stupid injury stop me.  

To top things off, tomorrow I have the dental appointment where I get the permanent crown on to replace the temporary one.  I am glad it will be done but do not want to go and have the pain and stress to my mouth (my TMJ makes it really rough to keep my mouth open during the procedure).  But, it is what it is I guess.  Also, it means no pipe for me in the morning as I do not smoke my pipe before a dentist appointment.  So, not much fun for me tomorrow morning.  Hopefully by 4pm I will be able to have a pipe and my mouth will not be too sore and my body will not be too sore.

I guess I should quit whining!  But I am feeling a bit annoyed.  Sorry.



Blogger S. J. Qualls said...

Ouch! I did that once and went down like a wooden soldier, splat! Skinned both knees and heels of my hands. I had to get a ride home, there was no way for me to even drive. I feel for you. You may opt out of going for a run tomorrow, depending on how badly the skin is shredded.
Good luck at the dentist!

Tuesday, 13 September, 2016  
Blogger E. Rosewater said...

a few years ago there was a fire alarm when i was in the middle of getting my tooth drilled for a crown. i had to walk up and down 7 flights of stairs.

Wednesday, 14 September, 2016  
Blogger Theanne Crossett said...

So sorry about your fall...several years ago I had several falls like that. Not pleasant so I'm impressed (and a little concerned) that you continued your run. And then an anticipated trip to the dentist, oh my! Hope all goes well in all areas, the exercise and the dentists hands in your mouth.

Wednesday, 14 September, 2016  

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