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Monday, August 12, 2019

Bullies and Their Ways

I think most of us are used to the traditional example of a "bully".... usually a young, punk kid, perhaps 13 or 14 who picks on kids younger than himself. 

But, sadly, bullies come in all shapes, sizes, and ages.  And, their ways of behaving change too.  I have come to realize more fully that the two people who I regularly am angry or upset about because of their behavior and attitude.... are in reality..... adult forms of bullies.  Both of these individuals work very vehemently to push through their wants, plans and neither of them really gives a damn how it affects others around them. 

Having the new label I can use to think about these two individuals.... helps me to better understand my own anger, sadness, and worry I have had about these two individuals for quite some time.  It helps me to better understand WHY I feel so angry about these two people.  When I was very young (perhaps 9 years old), there was a pair of classic bullies that tormented me.  It was my first encounter with such behavior and I remember feeling very hurt and confused and angry at them.  Eventually, the situation resolved itself when I was younger by the bullies (siblings) moving away.  But, I still remember the hurt and confusion I felt. 

It helps for me today to realize that the two people I have struggled with here at the U.... are pretty much the same damn thing.  The naming of their behavior helps me to better put their nasty ways into perspective.  Hopefully, as the new Fall semester approaches, it will help me when these two truly awful folks are back around and I have to unfortunately interact with them more often than I would like.  By recognizing them for what they are.... I may be no closer to getting them to stop their asinine behavior, but I may be able to better recognize and deal more successfully with the emotions that typically come to the surface when dealing with those two. 



Blogger Schrodinger's Dog said...

I've found the best way to deal with adult bullies is whenever possible be dismissive of them and refuse to play their game.

Monday, 12 August, 2019  
Blogger Liz Hinds said...

I believe they say that bullies are the way they are because of their own experience. Maybe identifying them as such will help you to understand them better, even if it doesn't make the bullying easier. Maybe like the younger version they will both decide to move/retire this year!

Tuesday, 13 August, 2019  
Blogger Anvilcloud said...

It is unfortunate to be locked in a relationship with such people.

Tuesday, 13 August, 2019  
Blogger JACKIESUE said...

I fall back on my favorite expression with those kind of people..

Thursday, 15 August, 2019  

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