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Friday, January 24, 2020

Still Sloughing Through....

Still not feeling the most motivated nor enthused.  I think, like some have suggested, it is really a time of year thing.   For those of us in the North, the light levels this time of year are quite scant.  Add to that the abundance of densely cloudy, snowy days.... and life seems to be colored in only two hues this time of year.... mostly black for the abundant night, or dark gray for the lion's share of the "daylight" we get. 

But, I know there is no valid excuse, so I got up and pushed myself a bit hard this morning and ran 6.5 miles (10.4 km) at about a 7.5mph pace (12kph pace).  If I can coax myself to do that, I know I get quite tired and sweaty and it kind of "resets" my mindset a bit. 

As is my usual, I prayed through the 5 decades of the rosary while I ran.  But, afterwards, like yesterday, while I was stretching afterwards, I gave myself leeway to imagine what actually sounded fun and enjoyable for me to do today.  And, it was a bit similar still with yesterday, but further elaborated on a bit:

If I had my druthers, instead of going to the U and doing the work I will of course do, I would really enjoy being curled up in bed, covered with an array of quilts, with a giant, dark and bitter coffee (over ice), one of my favorite pipes and pipe tobaccos at hand (in my mind's eye, I was imagining one of my bourbon tinctured burley leafs), the dog laying on the bed with me near my feet, a pair of good novels to read, a new copy of the New York Times, and half a dozen doughnuts.... two blueberry filled, one nutty, one chocolate with chocolate icing, one sour cream doughnut, and a cherry fritter.  I would have alternatively NPR in the background, or some of my favorite early 1960's jazz playing in the background.   I would read a bit, take naps sporadically and indulge in all the various delights across the span of the day.

But.... of course... it is a true "pipe dream".... so it is off to work.



Blogger Anvilcloud said...

There are many detail in your pipe dream. You must have worked on this dream more than once. 😀

Friday, 24 January, 2020  
Blogger Liz Hinds said...

What are druthers?
Your pipe dream does sound lovely - minus the pipe, and I'd have different cakes, not doughnuts.

Saturday, 25 January, 2020  
Blogger PipeTobacco said...

I had been thinking of is sporadically ove the last couple of days. :)

Saturday, 25 January, 2020  
Blogger PipeTobacco said...

Druthers means basically “my preferences”. Not sure where I first heard the phrase “rather have my druthers”. .... likely some novel read long ago, or perhaps in one of the several classes on Shakespeare I had in college.... I always loved reading and creative writing, so I work to obtain a minor in English in addition to my Biology and Chemistry work in my bachelors degree.

Saturday, 25 January, 2020  

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