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Friday, May 29, 2020

Beautiful Dream on My Mind

Even though I often do not remember/recall many dreams, I did have one last night that stuck with me and made me feel absolutely serene and beautiful upon awakening.  It really was not anything extraordinary by any means.  It was just me both observing myself and at the same time being myself as I sat in my "comfy" chair (not my desk chair) in my home office with my feet up on the ottoman.  I was just quietly reading a novel and filling and smoking my pipe.  I had a tumbler of a beverage resting besides me (I believe it was a gin and tonic over ice) which I was sipping upon.  There was sunlight streaming in through the window and it allowed for easy, comfortable reading of the book, and there was a thin, gentle, hazy, but visible (due to the sunlight) layer of pipe smoke at about the 5 foot level above me.  It seemed like a luxuriously long dream as well, for it seems like I sat and read through probably close to 50 pages of the novel during the dream.  I even recall the story to a degree.  It was another episode in the "Harry Bosch" series of novels by Michael Connelly.  Yet, it was NOT one I had read, for I have read them all (I think, unless a new one has come out recently).

When I awoke, I felt very peaceful and relaxed.  I think the apparent "length" of the dream itself made it feel very nearly tangible and real, as if it had actually happened. So very interesting.

I just made a quick calculation on my phone.  It has been 835 days today, since I began to refrain from smoking my pipes.  



Blogger Pat McDowell said...

Have you ever written Mr. Connelly a fan letter? Maybe now is the time to do so... and in your letter you could mention your dream and as many plot points as you can recall, along with your express permission to use any or all of those points in an upcoming novel without fear of lawsuit. Imagine the fun if, a few years from now, you find yourself sitting in your comfy chair, gin and tonic by your side, reading the new Harry Bosch novel, and you come across some bits and pieces you remember from your dream!

Friday, 29 May, 2020  

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