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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Busy Day (Meeting)

Even though it is Summer, one unfortunate aspect is that there still are occasional meetings that need to be attended to.  Today was one of those days (I think the only one for two weeks for me, fortunately).  I had to attend the Institutional Review Board which oversees the experimental research involving humans.  Although I currently do not have research going on that involves humans (I have in the past and may again in the future.), I have been a long standing member of the Executive Board of this committee.  Sometimes the work is interesting and it gives me insight into research going on at the U, other times it is drudgery, as some people love to talk endlessly about utter minutia involving the interpretation of Federal Guidelines for human subject research we have to follow.  Today, happily, it was simply a very brief meeting and nothing of any controversey was discussed.  The whole damn meeting only lasted 30 minutes!  Another plus! All we actually did was to approve a few continuations on proposals involving research associated with surveying people on their opinions on health care.   No fuss, no controversy.  It was the best kind of meeting to have.

The rest of the day I was able to do things that were more valuable to me.  I worked on some research, did some writing, and went through and updated some of the lectures and assignments I give for one of the classes I am teaching this fall.  



Blogger BBC said...

I'm going over to the Eagles for a while, that's where we have our Masturbators Anonymous bullshit sessions.

Tuesday, 10 July, 2012  

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