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Tuesday, June 05, 2012


Now that I am almost done with teaching this intensive, accelerated Spring course, I am letting my mind wander just a bit.  I do have to finish my research talk and go to that conference in about 2 weeks or so, but that should be reasonably fun.  The way most scientific meetings work is that you go listen to a bunch of research data.... some of it is very exciting and interesting, some of it is dull as lint.  But, if you pick and choose well, you can have many more exciting talks than dull.  In the evening, we all typically find old friends we have not seen in a while and go gorge on food and fill our gullets with  plenty of alcoholic beverages... and generally carouse around the city until all hours... or until you wobble back to your hotel room. Then you follow the same pattern (talks, then food and drink)  the next day and so on until the conference has concluded.   Again, if you choose well, and have fun friends to carouse with, it can be a helluva lot of  fun.

Now, after I get back from the research meeting, I am going to set my eyes on setting up a fishing trip or two.  It is just a young sprout of an idea in my mind at the moment, but as I get more of the plan together, I will describe it here.



Blogger BBC said...

I don't gorge myself with food, just eat enough to stay alive. This morning I made a breakfast skillet of eggs, hamburger, spuds and cheese. It'll make a turd.

With luck Terry and I will be able to fish both days this weekend but he has so many other things to do that we may not. Maybe I'll just take his boat to the lake on Sunday, will see how it goes.

Tuesday, 05 June, 2012  
Blogger austere said...

I hope that city is the kind of place you can have fun.

Wednesday, 06 June, 2012  

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