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Monday, September 17, 2012

Vehicle Search

In my circle of friends and co-workers I am considered very "frugal" (they use other words, like "cheap", "penny-pinching" etc.)  I do NOT like to buy replacements for items I own just because there are newer, "trendier" replacements available.  Our VCRs are a case in point.  Even though I could buy all sorts of replacement components for the "antiquated" VCRs (DVRs, ect), I see no real need or reason to do so as the VCRs are working fine and meet our needs.  The same is true for televisions.  I see no real reason or need to get an HDTV right now as the traditional cathode-ray tvs we have all function fine.

My opinion is that an item you buy should be used and utilized until it wears out or until it does not do something you need or truly want it to do.

The same is true for vehicles.  But, the cost-benefit ratio for repairing my wife's vehicle and its soon-to-be-needed repairs has been on my mind.  It is time for a "new" vehicle for her.  Yet the quotes around "new" are an issue as well.

On the one-hand, I have always bought my own vehicles USED.  This was from the first vehicle I had way back in my undergraduate days up though what I am driving now.  I just see buy a used vehicle as being far, far more economical and smart.  The average age of my used car purchase has decline (I am buying less aged used cars) from initially 10 years old or so to now-days I usually buy my vehicles when they are 2 or three years old.

With that in mind, you would think I would do the same for my wife.  However, I have not done so thus far.  All of her vehicles have been BRAND NEW.  And, I have dickered and bickered like hell with each and every salesperson of these vehicles so as to MINIMIZE as much as possible the being taken advantage of, that a new-car purchase inevitably entails. 

I think I will look around a little bit in the various places where you find used vehicles for her next beast, but I suspect I will end up getting her a brand new one, like usual.  She test drove her top three contenders with me last week.  Her choices were based upon what she likes to drive, what she likes the look of, and what she does with the beast:  Chevrolet Equinox, Dodge Journey, & Dodge Caravan.

All things said, she decided she wanted a mini-van again.  So, I am off to find either a Dodge Caravan or a Chrysler Town & Country.



Blogger BBC said...

I've never bought a car newer than ten years old and I was in the trade and could get new cars near cost. The math just doesn't add up.

If I had married your wife I would have divorced her years ago, I just don't need that kind of ego to deal with. She can go buy her own fucking car, and pay for it.

If you insist on getting her a new rig shop for a Toyota, fuck those Mopar vans.

Monday, 17 September, 2012  
Blogger BBC said...

I wouldn't buy any woman a brand new rig that wasn't fucking me five times a week. If ya want me to make you happy you have to make me happy.

Got it????

Monday, 17 September, 2012  
Anonymous Ellsworth Mciltrot said...

Sometimes, buying a used car can be more cost-efficient than getting a new one. You should explore your options, more so if you are on a strict budget. And looking around different car dealerships will help you find your wife a car. The prices may be different from one another depending on the condition of the vehicle and the other factors set by the dealer, but it would likely be lower than most new cars. Maybe you can find a used Dodge Caravan that is half the price of new one.

Wednesday, 19 September, 2012  
Blogger austere said...

Why no Toyota or VW, PT?
Hyundai is doing very very well in India and you know what mad traffic we have

Thursday, 20 September, 2012  
Anonymous Ivo Beutler said...

No doubt that buying a used car is easier on the pocket. I am certain a used car dealer has minivans that your wife would prefer. With this type of car, I suggest you go for a more controlled, more fuel efficient (or one that has a fuel economizer), a blind-spot monitoring and cross-path detection for safety. Good luck and hope you find one that is favorable to both you and your wife!

Tuesday, 02 October, 2012  

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