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Friday, November 22, 2013


Today marks the 1,894th day in a row that I have walked (sometimes jogged) each and every day for approximately 5 miles.   It is an endeavor that now is very much a habit and is second nature to me.  It has been very helpful for me physically (normal BMI) and emotionally (helps me to reduce stress.  I am glad I do this, and I am glad I have the motivator of being able to get such a large number.  Even though the number plays a less crucial role these days as the habit is established, I still like the idea now that I am approaching a close milestone (1900) and also moving towards a really big milestone number of 2000.  I hope I keep up my consistency.



Blogger thimscool said...

That fine Barber dime is worth $1.43 today. Not such a big deal, 1434% over 6 score years, now is it?

But the 1964 Washington dime is worth the same, and that is only 50 years hence. Now according to the BLS, a 1964 dime should be worth only $75 cents now, if we go by the CPI...

But hey, maybe gold is overpriced. I dunno, but if you plug 1913 into the same year of that BLS, CPI calculator, then think that dime is worth $2.36...

Silver values sure do fluctuate depending on what segment of history you're looking at, don't they, Lucky 'ol Leo?

Friday, 22 November, 2013  
Blogger forsythia said...

I admire you for all this walking. Walking gives you time to be alone with your thoughts and tune out the maddening clatter we live with these days.

Saturday, 23 November, 2013  

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