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Monday, March 10, 2014

Rough Work Day

Today was a rough work day.  I was also feeling blue about a disagreement I had.  The work issues were mostly aggravating and required a lot of effort on my part to fix another person's mistakes.  I actually was so busy "fixing" problems that I did not get a chance to eat today either.  

In the past, I would be smoking my pipe like crazy at work, or if not at work, I would daydream about firing up my pipe when I got into my truck to head home... and I would imagine the intensity of the feeling of the heavy, thick, smoke from the most robust tobacco I have, with the lovely, richly heavy dose of nicotine traveling from my lungs into the bloodstream to quiet and quell my brain of its aggravation and annoyances.  

Yet, today, I did not smoke my pipe.  I do want to, today.  But, if I am to learn a new way, if I am to teach this old dog a new trick, I must stay the course, and fulfill what I said I will do.  I am trying to keep in mind that this deeply felt "quitting time" hunger to deeply smoke my pipe tobacco will pass, and my hunger for the leaf will decline, at least until it is time for bed.



Blogger BBC said...

Why in the fuck are you trying to fix other peoples problems?

Monday, 10 March, 2014  
Blogger BBC said...

Does fixing their problems make your life better?

Monday, 10 March, 2014  
Blogger Bea Aurthersdik said...

Reverend Cook makes a very vadld point, why are you fixing another monkeys fuckups?

This is key to your personality disorder.

Tuesday, 11 March, 2014  

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