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Monday, December 15, 2014

Red Cap

I was pretty much  at the far end of town yesterday afternoon when I happened to stop at a small, independent pharmacy planning to pick up a small bottle of aspirin (I usually keep a small bottle in my truck, but a couple of days ago my wife wanted to take an aspirin and found our bottle in our medicine cabinet was empty.    So, I ended up getting the small bottle I had in my truck's glove box and put it in the bathroom. 

The pharmacy had a dated, but rather charming look to it.  I quickly located a bottle of aspirin, and also grabbed a root beer out of their refrigerated section and went up to the front counter to pay.  As I have done for who knows how many decades, as the young lady at the cash register began ringing up my purchases, I quickly scanned the various tobacco related products on the shelves behind her.   The area devoted to pipes and pipe tobaccos in these behind the counter shelves has grown smaller, and smaller, and smaller.... and in fact some pharmacies no longer have a single box or canister of pipe tobacco any longer here.... just cigarettes.  But, much to my surprise, this little pharmacy had a brand of pipe tobacco that I have not seen anywhere in geez, at least 35 years if not longer!    The brand was "Red Cap" and while 30 years ago it was already a very rare sight, it was a moderately common brand that I recall seeing a lot from when I was a kid.  

I ended up buying two pouches.  I will indulge in a bowl or two in the next few days and report about what this brand is like.  I cannot recall ever having tried it before, but I remember my father having it once in a while, and I had an uncle who regularly bought this brand way back when.



Blogger BBC said...

Red Cap is a cheap brand for poor or cheap folks, you can get a lot better cheap tobacco than it is.

Monday, 15 December, 2014  
Blogger BBC said...

Pipe tobacco is very popular here cuz it isn't taxed as high as ciggs are. We have a number of smoke shops here that sells all kinds of it.

And it doesn't have all the crap chemicals in it, I can't stand to smoke a cigg anymore, they are shit.

Monday, 15 December, 2014  

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