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Friday, March 04, 2016

Drunk Like a Skunk

Not really, but feeling quite pleasant indeed!  I am happy though and looking forward to a weekend away fro the U hassles!  One thing I notice is that I do really like my pipe a helluva lot after having a few drinks!  It (my pipe) feels just as wonderful and invigorating like it did when I was a kid at these times.  I have not felt a lot or any pleasure with my pipe when sober during the last few years.  This is something I should use to my advantage a. I try to refrain.  Keeping focused on how blah it is normally (sober) now-a days.  I think I am going to confession tomorrow.  It should help me get some good focus on how to work to be a better person than I am.  That will be nice to have that focus again.  I do really want to be a good person.



Blogger MRMacrum said...

Alcohol certainly drops barriers doesn't it? I find your last sentence to be quite odd. Nothing that came before would lead me to believe you were not a "good person". Nothing I have read of yours would indicate otherwise. But, we are our own worse critics after all.

BTW - during my prolonged absence from the blogosphere, my daughter became a professor at Xavier University in Cincinnati. Now in her second year there and the newness has worn down some, I am hearing some of her criticism of the college culture from a teaching viewpoint. Her words often remind me of you.

Saturday, 05 March, 2016  
Blogger BBC said...

If you keep saying you need to be a better person I'm coming over there and smacking you along side the head.

I also often smoke more when I'm drinking.

Have a great weekend, I hope you get some poontang.

Saturday, 05 March, 2016  
Blogger BBC said...

BTW, I'm still smoking cuz I'm a fucking idiot, what is your excuse? :-)

Saturday, 05 March, 2016  
Blogger billy pilgrim said...

alcohol and nicotine, a match made in heaven.

just like:
bread and butter
love and marriage
salt and pepper
pen and paper......

Saturday, 05 March, 2016  

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