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Wednesday, March 02, 2016

More Snow

Last week, we received 14 inches of snow in a 24 hour period.  I shoveled out.  Then we had thee days of 40s and 50s weather and it all melted.  Now, over the last 24 hours we have again had a large snowfall.  This time, 12 inches.  Our road is not yet plowed, but I have shoveled the driveway.  If the plows come through, I will be better prepared to shovel out again the last 10 feet of the driveway after the plows push in a huge load of snow.  I am so tired of snow this winter.  It is not normal for us to get large amounts like this in March.  December & January... yes, but in March, 3-4 inches at a time is the normal maximum. 



Blogger BBC said...

As you age you should consider getting a snow blower, I don't know why but shoveling snow seems to give a lot of folks heart attacks.

"What is a "three way" freezer? I have not heard the term before."

Will run on 120 AC, 12 volt DC or propane. Now you can buy a fridge with a 12 volt compressor that will run on 12 volts, isn't that cool? I'm thinking they work better than an absorption fridge like is in an RV.

Wednesday, 02 March, 2016  
Blogger E. Rosewater said...

here in the great white north it's warm as toast. there are fields of daffodils in full bloom and the dandelions are even in bloom.

i mowed part of my lawn last week.

Wednesday, 02 March, 2016  

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