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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Tuesday Tiredness

I am not really sure why, but I woke up very tires this morning.  I do not think I slept poorly, for I do not recall much other than getting up once in the night to urinate (pretty normal as I try to really stay very hydrated and usually get up once or twice for such matters).  But, the end result is that I ended up getting up later and did not get on the road to run until 5:45am.  To try to make up for some of the lost time, I pushed myself a bit, and I ran the 5 miles in just about exactly 45 minutes.  That is actually a few minutes faster than my usual speed, so that was a happy surprise.  After my run, I timed my pulse at 150, so I was in the range for good cardiovascular effort.  My resting pulse this morning before I got up was 54, so that was decent as well.

The film my wife and I saw yesterday was "Home Again" with Reese Witherspoon.  It also had  a dice Bergman in the film as well.  It was billed as a romantic comedy, but it was really an odd little film.  Nothing was horrible about the film, but it also was rather limited in plot.  It was enjoyable, but did not really do or say much, and was really sort of a snapshot of just a bunch of LOs Angels folks doing seemingly normal Los Angeles things for the most part.  Not much drama nor comedy in the film.  Again, it was an enjoyable afternoon, but it was truly an odd little film.  My wife had a pretzel during the film, and I had a partial roll of Necco Wafers.  Necco Wafers, a very old fashioned candy, are a particular favorite of mine the last several years.

After I got back from my run, I cleaned up "poop island" which is the area our dog does her "business" in the back yard.  I bagged it all, and took it out with all of the other trash to the curb as today is trash pickup.  I cut up some more boxes and put them with som cans for recycling and took that to the curb as well.  I am now out in the back porch/backyard with the dog, having my morning pipe and writing this brief post before I head on to shower and head to the U.  I am lucky I have my first class start at 9am today because it gives me a little bit of extra time due to my late start.  After teaching, I have a lot of research paperwork to wade through, and a never ending pile of paperwork for my Department Chair duties, but hopefully I can get a good reduction on that ever growing pile.  I am trying to get some additional writing time, for my research, as I have a grant deadline coming soon that I want to apply for funding from.  This grant is one where I am hoping to get funds for a study looking at how specific SSRIs in synergy with exposure to antimicrobial agents affects the development of the brain.  We shall see how the grant writing goes.



Blogger Sharon said...

So many movies are limited in plot. I haven't been excited about a film since Avatar, and I only liked it for the color and animation.
I'm still not really awake, I suppose I have 'Tuesday Tired' also. I slept 10 hours with 1 interruption to let Jill outside. I feel as if I could lie down and fall asleep again.
I hope you get your grant, the study sounds interesting.

Tuesday, 12 September, 2017  
Blogger yellowdoggranny said... this is where I go to check out a movie or tv show before I watch it..they are usually spot on.

Tuesday, 12 September, 2017  
Blogger Geo. said...

Hello! I'm a newcomer to your excellent blog and am following. I notice you have no Google Friend Connect gallery so I added your site to my blogroll at "Trainride of the Enigmas". Your icon reminds me of an old photo of Victor Hugo, which (I think) he captioned "listening to God". From what I've read so far, I'm probably closer to his age than yours but appreciate your positive take on life and work and wish to continue (yes, I am also a pipe-smoker), despite having retired 8 years ago. Looking forward to your online company --Geo.

Wednesday, 13 September, 2017  

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