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Friday, October 20, 2017

Hoping to Keep Up Momentum

The day started well!  My alarm went off at 4:50am as usual, but very pleasantly my beloved wife was encouraging and was interested in "activity".  Obviously, that was very pleasant news for me, and we enjoyed each other's company robustly.  Afterwards we snuggled and lounged for a while.  As you can imagine, I was late in getting to the trail to run.  I did not hit the trail until 6:50 am.  And, you may also correctly guess that my pace was not really one for the record books either.... but, heck, that was ok by me. :) As I got into the run, I forced myself to pick up the pace and was still able to finish the 5 miles in just a tad under 55 minutes.

Now on the back porch, pipe in hand and the dog doing her "business" I am trying to map out my day. I am hoping to be very efficient today.  I have to get a research talk DONE so I can present it to the greater campus next week.  I want it fully finished so I can just spend time fine tuning it for the next several days.  I am trying to not procrastinate because it will just ramp up my stress to do so.  But I have a huge load of paperwork for the Department to wade through as well, and I have been neglecting my classes a bit and need to get my lectures for next week back up to snuff too.  Then I have a few Administration meetings (yawn) that are mandatory for me to attend today as well.  So, it will be very tight in terms of my work goals today.

On Saturday I need to travel across the state for another "exciting" meeting as well.  But, I am hoping if it is done early enough to stop on the way back to a very nice, very large tobacco shop that I rarely get to travel to. That should be nice... hopefully I will mostly window shop and not spend a helluva lot of money.  :)  My plan is to spend no more than $10, but sometimes..... well.... it is a REALLY nice place.  I also need to be back for Mass as well, so that may help abbreviate my shopping.

If I should be fortunate enough to keep on track today, I may also get to go see my elderly father-in-law.  Not only do I relish his company and enjoy conversing with him... I earn brownie points from my wife as well!  :)



Blogger Sharon said...

You seem to have your plate full. Will be a busy week. It always pays to win those brownie points! '-)

Friday, 20 October, 2017  
Blogger Jono said...

Always good to keep the wife happy. "Happy wife, happy life."

Friday, 20 October, 2017  

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