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Wednesday, July 27, 2022



I ran 13.1 miles (~21km) today.  Unfortunately, I overslept and did not hit the trail until a very late 7:29am.  By getting on the trail so late, I was anxious about the bright sunshine, so I put on sunscreen on all my exposed surfaces (which I dislike doing as it feels uncomfortable and oily.... but it is very important for safety).  Fortunately, however, within a few minutes of my starting to run, a very pleasant and dense bank of clouds moved in so the remainder of the run was quite comfortable.  

I am feeling quite tired today.  But, I have to clarify it a bit.  I feel EMOTIONALLY tired.  Physically, I feel fine.  It is an almost "got up on the wrong side of the bed" sort of feeling.  But, I cannot attribute it to anything specific.  It has left me with a feeling of generalized malaise.  

* * * * *

PCS - 6.  I am not sure if my emotional tiredness is a factor in this or  not, but the desire and the urge to indulge in a bowlful of a beautifully thick, creamy and rugged burley leaf is very appealing and quite strong at the moment.  I have laid my head upon my desk a couple of times this morning, closed my eyes, and tried to the best of my ability to remember and relive the intimate details of the flavors, sounds, odors, and the gentle neuronal massages that only a pipe bowl embracing gently an ember of exquisite burley can muster. 

* * * * *

I am hoping a swim with my wife perks me up later this afternoon.  I also have to paint some wood I have that will allow me to build a contraption so that I may elevate my mother-in-law's birdbath so that she may more easily see the birds frolicking in it from her seat in her living room.  With her developing dementia and lowered interest in moving about as much, having the birdbath be window height will give her a more enjoyable view that I hope she will like.  As it currently stands, she really never sees much, if anything of the birds she feeds and allows to bathe at the moment.  I hope to successfully finagle both the birdbath and bird feeder around to get her to easily see both through one window.  Just to see if she notices, I may also add a small sign to the interior frame of the window reading "Bird TV" to see if she notices.  :)  



Blogger Unknown said...

Professor, you express your wish to "relive the intimate details of the flavors, sounds, odors, and the gentle neuronal massages that only a pipe bowl embracing gently an ember of exquisite burley can muster."

Your effort to remember reveals its own response. You recognize that only a bowl of a favorite tobacco can bring you what you desire. I'm writing to you as someone who himself abstained for far too long. Maybe today is not the day, but I look forward to the day when you stop fighting against yourself, and you once again embrace your whole self, returning to your pipes and tobaccos.

And maybe, whenever that day comes, it will be better for you if it comes on a 4-6 PCS day instead of a 9-11 PCS day, so you'll know your return is a holistic decision made positively, to satisfy your soul and your emotions, and not just your body's giving in to a desire you can't contain.

Have fun setting up the easy-view birdbath for your MIL. What a considerate SIL you are!

Wednesday, 27 July, 2022  
Blogger Margaret said...

You do so much between work, running and family that it's no wonder you're tired. I think bird watching is very therapeutic; that's an excellent idea for MIL.

Wednesday, 27 July, 2022  
Blogger Anvilcloud said...

Do you think it is possible simply to tire of summer? I know we speak of winter in this way, but I wonder if it applies to summer as well.

Thursday, 28 July, 2022  

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