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Tuesday, May 07, 2024


Just an array of random thoughts:

  • I actually did not know that "randomosity" was an actual word.  I thought I had made it up, but it is in the dictionary so is apparently legitimate.
  • Even though I "knew" deep in the recesses of my mind.... but I wasn't actually "aware" in my day-to-day thoughts that I an old enough geezer to technically be considered by my U students' as a "grandpa" figure.   
  • The Israel - Hamas War is difficult at so many levels.  Here are my opinions overall..... Hamas is wrong and started this sad affair.  Hamas, IMO, does not represent the Palestinian people.  Palestine does deserve and needs its own country.   Israel's government is causing horrific death and destruction of civilian (non-Hamas) people, which is wholly wrong.  People who are Jewish should NOT be the subject of hate speech.  In a perfect world (a pipe dream of course) here is what I would want.... Hamas to end.  Palestine to exist.  Israel to be at peace with Palestine.  No discrimination nor harm for people who are Palestinian nor Jewish.   
  • My grades are now in, and I have a few days to get my next damn class ready for next Monday.
  • I am up in the air about Thursday at the moment.  Part of me desperately wants to go to the gathering and enjoy the luxury of a wonderful pipe.  Part of me wants to go and indulge in a cigar, just to feel more a part of the "in crowd".  Part of me is worried that I will not be able to go due to some sort of U crisis that is potentially going to happen.  Part of me thinks I am just a dumb, old doofus for thinking about such things and that I should not go.
  • I have been so exhausted the last several days that I do not even read when I finally get to bed.  I am asleep before my head hits the pillow.  It is full exhaustion. I am back to being in a dreamless sleep too, and my wife even has gotten nervous a few times because I am apparently not even moving during my sleep (I typically am rather restless and moving around a lot).... so that she sometimes rouses me ("just to be sure") because I am so quiet and stationary.
  • My TMJ has quieted quite a bit.  I think during the last 4-5 days, I had some sort of gum infection near a back molar and have been treating it (uncomfortably) with the technique my now retired (and unfortunately expired) dentist from 50 years ago recommended in these occasions..... with a finger of mouthwash in a cocktail glass (I use a traditional,  minty, store-version of "Scope") add ~ a single teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide.... swirl around the mouth as typical, expectorate, and then repeat with a finger of just the mouthwash.  But, this gum infection has been difficult because I aggravate it when I eat, so I have been eating very gingerly to try to avoid hitting it (which has been hit-or-miss in terms of success, regretably).  But... FINALLY, it feels like it is getting better. 
  • Running.... unfortunately, with the irratable, out-of-sorts way I have been feeling.... I have NO interest in running.  But, I keep doing it.  And, when I get the damn steps out of the way, I have to admit every time that I do feel LESS out-of-sorts.  So, I keep doing it.
  • I would love to swim today, but the damnable pool is CLOSED today for "filter maintenance".  To me this seems absurd that the WHOLE DAY has to have the pool be closed, and truth-be-told, I think it is just an excuse.  But, oh, well.  
  • Sometimes I think I am just a silly, old fool to have such a fondness for pipes and pipe tobaccos.  Sometimes I wonder what the hell is wrong with me.  I just do not know, sometimes.
  • I have to send in a new abstract for an international research meeting (unfortunately in the US this time) that I am going to work to present at in November.  I need to get the abstract in by the end of the day, so I had better scoot.


Blogger Margaret said...

Glad your TMJ is better! I agree with you on the Israel-Palestine conflict. There have been atrocities on both sides but trying to take a balanced approach sometimes means being labeled negatively by the other side. So I mostly keep my mouth shut.

Tuesday, 07 May, 2024  
Blogger peppylady (Dora) said...

I don't why any place needs a religious state.

Tuesday, 07 May, 2024  
Blogger Anvilcloud said...

You were asking about squirrels. We have both black and gray squirrels, which I understand are the same species. I am not going to look it up again, so I could be wrong, but I think they're Gray squirrels, whatever their colour.

In more woodsy areas, we may find an occasional red squirrel. They are smaller and livelier than the grays and generally found in more forested areas of the near northern forests. In fact, when we cottaged in a more forested area, the reds were all that we saw.

Wednesday, 08 May, 2024  
Blogger Liz Hinds said...

Your thoughts on the Israel Palestine situation reflect mine, and surely sane people everywhere.

Sunday, 12 May, 2024  
Blogger Pat M. said...

I hope you have been well, Professor! I expect I'm not the only one here who is looking forward to news of your Thursday social occasion. You certainly benefit from whatever happy socialization you can find, so I'm hoping you didn't stay home and skip the event (and, even more, that University administrivia didn't keep you away). And, if you did attend, I'm hoping you affirmed your unique personality by enjoying a pipe... but if you did enjoy a cigar instead, I trust you were able to do so with some convivial socializing, which has to have done you some good. Looking forward to your news whenever you have the time and inclination to share!

Friday, 17 May, 2024  

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