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Friday, January 16, 2009

Hopefully A Good Day!

I am doing all I can to make today a good day, I hope.

1. As this is day 117 in walking, I again looked like the Abominable Snowbeast, with an icy mustache upon my return. I wonder how icy my beard would become if I did not have it covered by the face mask? Temperatures are still hovering in the neighborhood of what I wrote about on Wednesday.

2. I am struggling but working hard to stay "Zen" as the Department Meeting approaches today. I have an Human Research Subject Committee Meeting (HRSC) an hour after the Department Meeting starts so I have an "out" to let me be free of the Department after one hour. It is ironic and somewhat humorous that the HRSC Meeting, which is typically very dry and dull is something I am actually looking forward to attending because it gets me out of the meeting I dread!

3. I have a decent and well defined list of accomplishments I would *like* to accomplish this weekend. They are doable and leave time for play as well. So, hopefully the weekend will be wonderful.

4. I have the option to go "hang out" with my father-in-law this afternoon after all the hellishness of the day is done. Pipes and libations will likely ensue if I do go there which could help reset my mind to a more peaceful arena.



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