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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

A Little Scattered

I am taking a brief break in my work this morning to post. Today has been a reasonably productive day. I hit the pavement for my 5 mile walk at 5:45 am. I was in the U's gym working on weight training at 7:15 am. I was in my office, working away at 8:15 am.

I bought myself a 24 ounce, very robust and strong coffee this morning and then poured it over a 64 ounce cup of crushed ice (I like iced coffee). As I answered mandatory e-mails I ate my breakfast and put on NPR to listen to classical music and news.

There is still a huge load of b*llsh*t administrative work that I am wading through at the moment. I am making inroads however, and hope to get it done sometime in the next few days. I will be glad as hell when the administrative crap is done and I can get back to working on research and just doing my normal teaching.

As I sit and work though the mind-numbing stuff for the administration, it is inevitable that I daydream a bit. My daydreams this morning have focused on 1) thinking about deer camp that I will be heading to this Friday, 2) seeing in my imagination a variety of different ways I would like to be pursuing more "artistic" endeavors as a hobby (ie: writing of fiction, photography, learning to play the guitar better), and 3) daydreaming about smoking my pipe... imagining my indulging in one of my larger bowled pipes filled to the brim with a very dark, rough hewn, hearty and powerful tobacco blend (I am still refraining from my pipes until late afternoon).

So, enough of a break for me. Back into the trenches.



Blogger BBC said...

bought myself a 24 ounce, very robust and strong coffee this morning

That sounds expensive, buy beans and make your own. Or suck and chew on beans, they are pretty tasty.

Deer camp? You're going to shoot Bambi? I haven't hunted deer for years, not that I'm against it if there are plenty of deer.

But now I just go camping and drink because hunting per pound of meat returned for the expenses involved anymore means it's just cheaper to buy my meet at stores.

Or bum my wild game off of friends, send me some backstrap.

Tuesday, 09 November, 2010  

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