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Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 890

Today is my 890th day of walking ~5 miles each day without missing a single day! I am fast approaching the 900 milestone, and hope that I make it.

When I had my feet hit the pavement outside this morning (5:21am today), I felt especially awake right from the get-go, whereas it often takes me 5-10 minutes to fully wake up when I start walking. The feeling of being alert right away was quite nice. We had received roughly about 4 inches of snow during the weekend and it is the time of year where most folks have given up shoveling their sidewalks anymore (I personally think it is because a helluva lot of us in this region have Seasonal Affective Disorder during this time of the year.), so it was more of a trudge with my heavy hunting boots on (see image above). But, it was still very pleasant and it was beautiful watching the night sky turn a deep, crystaline blue as the impending sunrise approached.

After I arrived home following the completion of my walk, I had a few moments to have a good, strong cup of coffee and two pipes as I changed out of the winter wear I use for walking and changed instead into a set of indoor appropriate exercise wear so I could head off to the gym at the U and continue on my attempts to build upper body strength (I have built up strength quite a bit, but will try to describe that more on day 900). It too, was an enjoyable time.

The weekend was pretty decent overall. Some of the highlights include:

1. A Friday afternoon visit with my elderly father-in-law. Ample libations and pipes.

2. A trip across the state for a non-work related endeavor for one of my kids. A pretty enjoyable time.

3. Eggplant Parmesian Bake for dinner last night. Delightful.

I am feeling in my mind that I am finally getting up enough gumption to tackle the damn modem issue, so some day soon, I may surprise you and get it up and running so I can post from home again!



Anonymous Online Practice Paper said...

You are such a strong man I am still confused how you did that. 5 miles daily without any single day to miss. You are lower body become more and more strong every day. is it?

Monday, 28 February, 2011  

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