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Friday, November 14, 2014

Marinating a Little Bit

Marinating myself just a tad at the moment.  Although I have not been writing of late, I have had a lot of ideas and think I may be begin posting regularly again. 

As I sit here smoking my pipe, I must admit how stupid a pastime it actually is. That does not mean I do not like smoking a pip, for obviously I do.  But it really is a stupid pastime.  I am not saying this because of the health issues associated with it either... It is simply a stupid thing to do... It really does not make sense.

It made more sense perhaps when I was young and the effects were strong and enjoyable.  But, it really does not feel that way now.  It was a wonderful feeling for a lot of years when I was young.  Now it really only feels that way after I have had a few drinks, and I only drink sporadically... Perhaps 2-3 drinks at a sitting perhaps once every two to three weeks.  

To my current manner of thinking, I should really only smoke my pipe after having a few drinks.  Otherwise, it really isn't all that valuable to me.  I did that very thing during Lent, but then after Easter I let it slide again and smoked my pipe all the time.  

I think I should just go back to smoking my pipe only when I drink.  But, of course, getting that pattern started is a bit of a task.  I do remember that it started to seem natural and easy to refrain from among unless drinking by about the 4th week of Lent.  But, the first few weeks, while not unbearable, did require a lot if thought and took up quite a bit of time (thinking time).  

Oh well, at the moment marination is the mantra of the day, and so for right now... The pipe is enjoyable and beautiful.



Blogger BBC said...

Actually, our stupid pastime is blogging. :-)

But keep on trucking.

Saturday, 15 November, 2014  

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