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Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Nicotine and E-Device

First, thank you all for your comments.  Especially comments currently referencing my "inner dialogue" post.  They have been helpful to me in many ways and I have commented on those in the comments section.

Pat asked about lozenges and "e" device usage.  As I stated when I first started my Lenten journey, I was going to stop smoking a pipe during Lent but because of my worry at the time, I gave myself a caveat where I *could* if I felt it was needed to help me complete my Lenten vow.... utilize a nicotine lozenge or an e-device UP TO four times a day (which was the number of pipes I had weaned myself down to prior to Lent). 

During Lent, I *did* utilize the "four" rule during the first few days.  While it gave me some nicotine, every aspect of the lozenge and especially the e-device was horrible, so I quickly found myself avoiding both except during the most dire occasions during Lent.  I found that I used these options only very rarely after that first week of Lent... at critical junctures where I thought I might break my Lenten vow.

Because I knew (and know) that I would be in a rather precarious period after Lent (as my "inner dialogue" attests to).... I had previously decided that I could still have the option of the lozenge or "e" device if desperately needed for some unspecified period of time after Lent.  Monday was an especially tough day for me in this regard so I did utilize this option two times on Monday.

I am not saying these crutches are something I should utilize.  And as I try to work further to stay away from my pipe, I am hoping that they will continue to fade further and further away as crutches.  But, for me, their occasional use if it helps me to cope successfully with the loss of the hobby I have always loved and still do love.... then it will have served a useful purpose.

I do not like anything about the lozenge or the "e" device.  But, I do feel their limited, very occasional use has helped me cope with the real sense of loss I am trying to learn to deal with and overcome.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Wednesday, 04 April, 2018  
Blogger Geo. said...

Despite what you refer to as crutches, I commend you on your compliance with Lenten resolve. In 1968 I was smoking 2 packs of cigarettes a day --not unusual for a student of the time. Then, in 1970, my best friend consented to marry me on the condition that I quit cigarettes. My plan was to take up the pipe --which was hard-- and I succeeded. I considered it a first step toward tapering off tobacco, and she could stand the smell. That was step #1 of my plan to quit. 48 years later, I am still on step #1. My wife only allows me to smoke in the great outdoors, and I suppose that is progress. Point is, if you quit now you'll avoid the worry when your E.N.T Dr. finds "suspicious cells" in your pharnyx. Not out of the woods yet.

Wednesday, 04 April, 2018  

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