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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

52 Degrees & Gully Washer!

I awoke to a steady rain with intermediate gully washers the morning.  Was I deterred from my run?   Almost.  I pulled the covers over my head and hit the snooze button when the alarm went off a 4:50am.  Then I hit the snooze button again.  After the second snooze alarm, I told myself "The hell with it!  The day is going to be too damn busy with work and I won't likely be home until 7pm, and I sure as hell know I won't want to run then."  So I got up, put on my sweats and a wide brim baseball hat to keep rain off my glasses and a knit cap to cover my ears and headed out the door.

There was a steady, heavy rain the whole 5 miles, and twice the downpour was especially intense (gully washer style).  But, I did it!  I ran the full 5 miles.  When I was finished, I looked like a drowned rat, but I felt happy that I forced myself to have enough gumption to get it done!

Now, on the back porch, the usual things are happening.  I am having a morning pipe.  The dog is trying to do her "thing" although she is hesitant and mincing around in the yard because she hates the wet grass.  If I quickly go shower now I can head to the U for my upper body workout and then get to work.



Blogger Sharon said...

I can only imagine what you looked like, running along in the rain. More power to you!

Wednesday, 11 October, 2017  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Morning run" ? Five (!) miles - horribile dictu - has "frumpy professor" been kidnapped & replaced by aliens ?

Wednesday, 11 October, 2017  
Blogger Forsythia said...

Life is good when you have a back porch and the "usual things" are happening.

Thursday, 12 October, 2017  

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