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Monday, October 09, 2017

All Kinds of Busy !

I did not get to write this morning because I had a jam packed morning for me!  It started at 4:50am and I awoke feeling "frisky" so-to-speak.  My wife, very graciously, was also "in-the -mood" so that meant some very pleasurable times for us.  It was probably not the smartest idea I have ever had, in terms of all the things that needed doing by me, but, heck, it was very worthwhile never-the-less!  I ended up getting up and on the road to run by 6:00am, and although already a bit tuckered out, I ran and pushed myself to do my full five miles, and I forced the pace as much as I could to try to make up time.  I did my 5 miles in just under 50 minutes, which was pretty damn good, all things considered.  I then spent a few minutes letting the dog do her thing and had a brief pipe, but then quickly showered and headed for the gym where I was guided through a grueling workout for me and did a full upper body workout until my muscles fully fatigued.  My arms were so tired that it was difficult as hell to lift the above my shoulders as I showered again, this time to dress for work.  I then proceeded to hit my desk and work on mounds  and mounds of paperwork until I left at 4:30.  So, the day was full, and I am exhausted.  I am set to make dinner tonight, but that is a bit of creativity for me, so even though my body (especially my arms) are exhausted, it is a good exhaustion.  I am outside with the dog again, having my second pipe of the day, but in a few moments I will head in to fix dinner.  I am thinking red beans, rice, cornbread, and a vegetable and a big salad should be good tonight.  I can jazz each up with a bunch of spices.  I especially want to add a lot of fresh marjoram to the cornbread, with some basil as well!  It was good the last time I experimented in that way.  Not sure yet about the spices for the rest yet, but I will let my my mind wander and be creative!



Blogger Sharon said...

Sounds like a rough day!
Easy on the spices and herbs as far as experiments go, my DH tends to be a little heavy handed and that's all a person can taste. :-)

Monday, 09 October, 2017  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think I can follow you any longer. As a seriously disabled man I find your posts to be very depressing. I don't like feeling envious or jealous of someone else's good health or good fortune but you seem to incessantly report about it. "5 miles in just under 50 minutes". Count your blessings. Some of us have trouble making it to the toilet.

Tuesday, 10 October, 2017  
Blogger PipeTobacco said...

I am sorry you feel that way Mohaverat. I used to be morbidly obese ~300 pounds, did not do any exercise, and had a high heart rate and blood pressure. For me, the multiyear process I have worked on has been very helpful for me. I write about it because it helps me to stay focused on the effort I try to maintain.

Inside, I am still the same fat guy I was, filled with insecurities and doubts. And, eating more healthy and maintaining my exercise are still frequently a significant struggle for me. By writing about what I do, I keep focus on the process that has helped me, and it keeps me persevering when I very often want to say to hell with it.

Tuesday, 10 October, 2017  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was very athletic once upon a time. I can appreciate your determination. I will offer you some free psychology. You will never be skinny enough or run far enough or be healthy enough until you subdue the voices in your head that continue to put you down. Your battle is not staying in shape, it is conquering your insecurities. I was forced to face reality. My disabilities didn't leave me a choice. No hard feelings, I just get down sometimes. I will never run again and in a few years may lose the ability to walk. Try saying positive things to yourself while you run. Carry on an inner dialog. Become your own fan club!

Wednesday, 11 October, 2017  

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