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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Anticipated 24 Hours of Relaxation

I had a hellacious day on Tuesday.

First I had to drive my elderly mother across town to her doctor. The antibiotics she had taken last week had proven ineffective and she was getting worse quickly.

Second, I had to submit and get her perscription so she could hopefully begin to improve.

Third, I had to prepare her breakfast and set up all her breathing equipment, etc before I left for work. I arrived to work at 10:30.

Fourth, besides my normal teaching load, I had to write and submit an evaluation team report I had been working on.

Fifth, I also had to submit a report to the Department of Education that I got coerced into doing.

So, it was a helluva hectic day. But I was able to accomplish it! I drove my truck to work today, and on my way home as I smoked my pipe, I realized I very likely had a good 24 hours of time that would be relatively worry/stress free! My mother was seemingly responding to the new medication, Wednesday was an easier teaching load (only 3 hours of lecture), all the damn reports were done, and my wife had scheduled my current favorite meal for Wednesday evening (tacos).

So, I have been basking in the utter beauty of the 24 hour vacation.... the 24 hour period of time where I have at least a 90% chance of having things be normal and not filled with with one crisis after another.

To many of you, it would seem like an average day. To me, it is beautiful and utterly relaxing.

I will relish it.



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