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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

What About the Jeep Patriot?

In terms of the vehicles I drive, I am a bit non-conformist, but also greatly desiring of driving something I like and enjoy. I typically wish to have a vehicle that has the features I like in it (generally versatile (hence no MG or Fiat convertibles, or Jeep Wranglers, all of which I really like), manual transmission, air conditioning, small engine, good (at least bearable) gas mileage, and something "esoteric" or "quirky" about it). Vehicles in the past that I have had that fit this bill include (I have had other vehicles that did not fit the above criteria that I will save for a future discussion on vehicles I do not like):

1965 Volkswagen Beetle

1974 Chevrolet Vega
1976 Chevrolet Chevette
1979 Volkswagen Rabbit Diesel
1980 Renault LeCar
1984 Volkswagen Rabbit Pickup
1996 Pontiac Grand Am
1998 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup

The 1998 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup is what I typically dive day-to-day. My family has several other pricier, bigger, "better" vehicles, but I have always been drawn more to the "small and quirky". Hence, although I am the patriarch of the family, I primarily drive the smallest, oldest, most "beat-up" vehicle in the family. But my Chevrolet S-10 Pickup is now getting a bit wheezy (110,000 miles (roughly 177,000 kilometers)) and I have started to look around at possible replacements. Strangely enough, what has captured my attention is the Jeep Patriot! It is a bit larger than my truck, but gets better gas mileage, can be purchased with a manual transmission, and gives me that "quirky" sort of vibe.

Here are few more images of the Jeep Patriot:

Jeep Patriot #1
Jeep Patriot #2
Jeep Patriot #3
Jeep Patriot #4

If any of you may have had this vehicle, please tell me of your opinion. Also, everyone, please give me your opinion on the aesthetics or other aspects of this vehicle I am feeling passion about.



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